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Anyone here got kids in Italian elementary school. How much homework do they get? My life seems to be based around homework at the moment! Is it just our school?  


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Oh I feel your pain!!! Same here - our son is full time in elementary school, 2 nights a week has some revision to do on average and half a day minimum homework at the weekend. He is near the top of his class and isnt behind so its not to keep up. It seems ridiculously overkill to me!


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Same here, my daughter gets an least an hour every day, even though she arrives home at approx 5pm, and then at least 3 hours during the weekend but if that's not bad enough the amount of homework they get during Christmas and Easter is crazy!

I recently read that Italy is leading the way in Europe re amount of hours that italian kids spend doing homework :-(

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I'm sorry that you guys are having the same issues but glad to know its not just us! I think if I understood the reasoning behind it more then it would be easier but it just seems like homework for homeworks sake. And then when you add a couple of sports activities in the week, some time playing with friends the poor little things dont seem to have any time just to hang out! Its a good job for them that the summer holidays are so long so they get a chance to recuperate!

Joanne S-837135 1426541527

50 sums for homework this weekend! And that is just maths homework. Had another 4 subjects on top of that! 

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We have spoken to our teacher via our class representative to beg for less homework this Easter! We have been assured there won't be loads. I don't know about the kids but I need a break!

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