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Hi everyone (hoping someone sees this), I am a nanny for an Italian family in London but we will be in Milan over Easter - does anyone know of any activities I could take the kids to?? I have 5 days to fill, and no plans as yet.... ANYTHING will help! Thanks in advance,Alison

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Too late for Easter, but this might help you (and others) another time. The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in the heart of downtown historic Milan (via Gesù 5) is like a time capsule. Walking through our threshold (yes, I work there), you leave the 21st C behind, and enter into an authentic late 19th C Milanese aristocrat's house, great for nosing around (or enjoying the Italian Renaissance art, decorative arts, furniture, arms and armor). It's a great way to ease kids (and nervous adults) into enjoying museum experiences, beauty and the importance of conservation. School groups are welcome. It's possible to arrange for English language tours, even ones keyed especially for kids. For more info:  Mrs. Alessandra Pozza,, 02.7600.6132.Thanks for asking!

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