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Hi I have been asked by my childs teacher to go in once a week and do English with his class. Am happy to do it but would appreciate any tips or ideas from you English teachers out there. The class are 6-7 years old and are all Italian. thanks


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I was also asked to do the same in my daughter's class.  They are all 7-8 yrs old, and Italian.

i am not an English teacher but on the Internet found a lot of great resources.  I start every lesson reading a story, then normally use flash cards in relation to what they are currently studying in school, ie the last 2 weeks has been animals plus the verb 'essere' then I split them up into groups of 5/6 And try and get them to talk, i am Kate, she is etc.  next week will be the Halloween special!  Obviously an hour a week we can't expect huge miracles but any bit helps!


Good luck!

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agree there are loads of bits you can use off the internet. I think basic songs are always fun to do with little ones and they seem to like them

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