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Hello, my bilingual daughter (4 years old) and son (2 and a half) would like to join an English playgroup in Pavia or proximities in the after-shool hours. Please reply if you have any related information or if interested in setting up an English playgroup. Thanks.

started by: DaniAly · last update: 1363821249 · posted: 1363821249

Hi! My name is Daniela and I have a cute 7months baby daughter. I'm trying to raise her as a bilingual and I'm looking for EMT moms living in Legnano or Rho area. It would be nice to meet for a walk in the park with our kids spending some time together speaking in English. Italian moms with the same aim are welcome too : ) Is anyone interested ? Thank you Daniela  

started by: agata-837140 · last update: 1361211580 · posted: 1360668620

I have heard there is a dinosaur exhibition coming up in Monza but my Italian isn't good enough to catch anymore details. Can anyone fill me in? My son would love to go!

started by: nelly-837115 · last update: 1360915170 · posted: 1359404894

Can anyone recommend a shop selling Made in Italy clothes for children and if possible with a few organic cotton pieces? Thanks!

started by: jonny-837240 · last update: 1359211625 · posted: 1358266927

An Italian female colleague just told us she is expecting and I'd like to buy her a celebratory gift. Any suggestions?

started by: jonny-837240 · last update: 1346177205 · posted: 1346177205

I need to take the kids to get kitted out for the new school year. Any siggestions on where to go?

started by: valentina-837109 · last update: 1337364869 · posted: 1337364869

I am looking for a room or hall to rent for my son's birthday party. I'm particularly interested in the San Babila district of town if possible. Any ideas?

started by: elly-837600 · last update: 1333562216 · posted: 1333395311

Do you know of any kids Easter events (a visit from the bunny or similar)? I'd love to take my lot to a traditional event this weekend.

started by: valentina-837109 · last update: 1332440056 · posted: 1331835845

Does anyone now where I can find English brand Easter eggs like Caramel and Crunchie?

started by: barbara-842715 · last update: 1328613507 · posted: 1328613507

Hello,We are an international family who have recently moved to Milan from Hong-Kong. We have a four and a half year old little girl who is looking for English speaking friends more or less her age!Don't hesitate to contact me: 3454636450Barbara

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Does anyone know if there is an international primary school in or around Bergamo please?

started by: jonny-837240 · last update: 1322251069 · posted: 1322251069

Hello, does anyone know where I can buy those little tubes with a wand for blowing bubbles?

started by: elly-837600 · last update: 1319390603 · posted: 1318927304

Does anyone know if Italian kids get a half term break at the end of October?

started by: nelly-837115 · last update: 1318271008 · posted: 1265216686

I am looking for pre natal classes in English; can anyone advise me please? I am willing to travel out of the centre to get to them if needs be

started by: nicolaowen · last update: 1317986133 · posted: 1257341604

Hi all, I'm 3 months pregnant and am looking to meet people in a similar situation and to find a nice antenatal group/class. I only moved here two months ago with my Italian fiancè and as I've been feeling so rotten over the past couple of months didn't have a chance to get out and meet friends/make a life for myself here before we found out, very happily but a little surprisingly, that we are expecting. And so now I'm feeling that I've gone through a huge adjustment but really want to get out and meet people so that when the baby comes along next year I have a group of friends who speak English! It seems to me that Italian people don't do 'coffee mornings' the way us Brits seem to and I'm a little scared about being isolated with a newborn. So if anybody is in the same boat or knows of any groups I'd be really pleased to hear from you.

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Does anyone know of any events for young adults this Halloween in Milan?

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I am looking for group English classes on SAturday mornings for my two girls aged 4 and 6. Any ideas?

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Hi, we just moved to Milan and are looking for English speaking play dates for our children Zohar ( 4 years old) and Boaz (6 months old). We live near Parco Sempione in the Brera area. Feel free to contact me at: christa.libeskind@gmail.com We are looking forward to meeting you and your children!

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Hello, my name is Francesca Villis, I'm married with an english teacher who works at the british council in Milan. We have two children, 10 and 5 years, and we'd love to meet some other british families or anglo/italian families who live in Milan. We live in Gessate, at the end of the green line metro in a beautiful area very close to cernusco sul Naviglio and Gorgonzola. My e-mail address is francescavillis71@yahoo.co.uk Please feel free to contact me. have a good summer everyone! Francesca

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy English educational games and toys for kids in Milan please?

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