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Hello do you know of any summer activities for kids taking palce in Brescia this summer?

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I am trying to trace Derek Forrest who lived in England before moving close to the French/Italian border. When he lived in England he owned a printing company. I am closely linked to Derek by his mother Jessica Demaria. If anyone has any information about Derek please email me or post on this site. Ishka Sanderson Dickson

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we are planing on moving to Milan in 4 months and i would like to know what are good kid friendly areas since i have a 3 year old boy and 9 month old baby girl. how is the rent in those areas? can we find houses or mainly appartments? we have no idea where to start looking and i would greatly appreciate any advice!!!thanks

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We are looking fir a summer camp for our 6 year old, preferably one in which English is spoken. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Looking for ideas for an original kids party idea and venue, all suggestions gratefully welcomed.

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Does anyone know of a company offering at home tutoring in Italian for kids please?

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We are looking for a fluent english speaking nanny in Milan. We live in via Settembrini (near Corso Buenos Aires). Our child, Martina, is a nice 18 months sweet girl. She likes to listen to the music, to dance ("if you are happy clap your hands") watching English dvds, going to the park… We need a smiling nanny from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm from Monday to Friday starting from September 2010. Our nanny, Martha, will go back to London in june /july 2010 after one year together. She had a great experience with us!! If you are interested please contact me at this email manuela_magliulo@yahoo.it or mobile 3201111211 thanks Manuela

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Will I be able to find chocolate advent calendars here or do Italians go in more for traditional religious versions?

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A friend of ours had a baby boy this morning and I would like to take her an original gift this afternoon when we go and see her. Any ideas?

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My friend has just moved here with her 4 year old son. How can she help him learn Italian quickly? He will be attending an Italian school but are there any other community groups he could join?

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Looking for after school activities in English for my 3 year old son. ANy ideas? elly

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Hi Everyone,Does anyone know of any english playgroups, music groups, etc in Milan for babies? I've found one playgroup but would like to see if there's anything else we could go to.Thanks, Caroline

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Would like to enroll my two kids in swimming lessons in September. I live in Milan. Can anyone advise me on a pool to take them to?

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Hi, does anybody know of English playgroups/activities for children held during the week-end? My daughter is 4 yrs old now. I looked at the nurseries and kindergardens listed here but they almost all refer to toddlers (1-3) and offer services Mon-Fri... Alternatively - does any of you with kids of similar age ever come to Parco Palestro to play? I'd love for my daughter to make friends with children with whom she could speak English... Thanks, Federica

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Looking for ideas for things to do with the kids this summer. I live in Monza. Any ideas?

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My friend is moving from Sitges(Barcelona)to Milan soon, any recomendations for good Italian primary schools around Milan, probably to the north. In fact what would be a great place to live, easy driving distance to airports, not too urban and not too expensive. Not too much to ask!

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I am looking for a homeopathis doctor in the Milan area. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Hi! Does anybody know good baby shoe store in Milan? My son is 1 y.o and his first shoes we bought in Clarks but all shoes here seem to be the same width. Cheers Kari

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It is my mum's 60th on the 4th Feb and I would lik to organise for her and my dad to go to a special event in the city to celebrate. They like the theatre, opera and concerts.

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Anyone have a good New Years Eve party idea for adults with kids in tow?

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