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Does anyone know until when the Milan snow park is open? valentina

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Where can you take kids to have their photo taken with Santa in Milan? Are there any grottos like you find in the Uk? valentina

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Does anyone know if i will be able to get hold of advent calendars in Italy? I know in the UK they are everywhere...my mum even found one for her dog! But I am yet to see them here and my son loves them! valentina

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We are going to visit family in the UK next week for a few days and I need to find something typically Italian to take as a gift. Keeping in mind that you cannot travel with liquids in your hand luggage.valentina

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I would love to make toffee apples for my nieces this Halloween but don't know how to go about it and there isn't much chance I will find them in Italian stores! Any recipes?

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How on earth do you say Pumpkin in Italian? I want to buy one for my daughter so we can carve it and don't know what to ask for at the grocers!valentina

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Can anyone tell me if Gardaland is open during the winter months? My brother and his family are coming in November and I was thinking of taking them there for a day out!

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In the UK I would have no trouble choosing a store to establish a wedding list but here I have no idea. Can anyone advise me? I looking for something like Debenhams... valentina

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A mate of mine recently lost a family member and is struggling to cope with the bereavement. I am doing my best to support him, but I feel he could do with talking to a professional. Can anyone recommend a counsellor or support group? Or tell me where I could find one?

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Hi, I am new in Milan, looking for kindergarten for my 4y.o. daughter. Is there any possibility to find not private school? Thanks AnetaAneta

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Where can I find a bilingual kindergarten in Milan?

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Does anyone know of any Club Med hotels in Italy where children are catered for? valentina

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Are there any reliable babysitting agencies in town? eric

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Are there any italian classes specifically designed for children in Milan? My son goes to an international school and I would like his Italian to improve!

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I came out here with my husband due to a work transfer. Now I am thinking of looking for a job myself because I don't seem to be meeting any new people. I have always worked in an office usually as a secretary. Do you think it will be hard for me to find work as an English speaker? valentina

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Hello I am looking for recommendations for internnational schools in the Milan area. My son is bilingual English Italian and is due to start school this September.

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My son's ninth birthday is coming up and I have to arrange a party. Also he wants to have a day out with his friends the weekend following his birthday. Any ideas? All help / inspiration welcome. Thanks, Matt

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