started by: Joanne S-837135 · last update: 1444160075 · posted: 1443044280

Looking for input here. My husband has been put on a diet by his doctor so I am doing it with him for moral support and hopefully results! we have a whole list of dos and donts. mainly grilled and steam veg - any recipe ideas? 

started by: milaneserisotto · last update: 1438851091 · posted: 1438288270

hello everyone does anyone have good summer recipes they wish to share. Stuff that reduces standing in front of a stove to a minimum as am melting!  

started by: Humptydumpty-894218 · last update: 1436966739 · posted: 1436468969

any recommendatiosn for some good restaurants (not budget but not 5 star prices) for entertaining clients in central milan?  

started by: themsthebreaks · last update: 1434878396 · posted: 1434401176

can anyone recommend a good place to eat Chinese food ideally in the centre?  

started by: Zanzara · last update: 1425934817 · posted: 1425306663

Anyone got any good pasta al forno recipes? In the mood for comforting, oven baked carbs!  

started by: mondo-843012 · last update: 1424300516 · posted: 1423687981

anyone got a fool proof ossobuco recipe they could share with me?  Would really appreciate it

started by: mondo-843012 · last update: 1421696431 · posted: 1421007485

any gooduns to share? Bought a glut of them from the market and bar soup not quite sure what to do with them...

started by: melting-843008 · last update: 1420496826 · posted: 1419886653

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good coffee making machine that doesn't cost the earth? thanks

started by: duomo · last update: 1420209860 · posted: 1419707083

Brrr its cold outside and I want some mulled wine!  Has anyone seen those sachets they sell in the UK anywhere here with all the spices in already to make mulled wine?  

started by: themsthebreaks · last update: 1419707192 · posted: 1417460007

Best ways to eat these Christmas treats - any suggestions of recipes using them?

started by: jimjam-929325 · last update: 1415311362 · posted: 1414709813

Any good spooky recipes to share? thanks

started by: themsthebreaks · last update: 1411507995 · posted: 1411120005

We will be quite a crowd this weekend and will be in the centre. Am looking for a kids friendly restaurant if anyone has any ideas? thanks  

started by: Andrea-964486 · last update: 1405527301 · posted: 1403169122

Good morning!  I've been getting into baking and "cake design" - does anyone know where I can get royal icing or fondant?  Thanks!!

started by: juventina · last update: 1398208601 · posted: 1396389736

I have colleagues coming to mine for a meal over easter and am looking for some traditional Easter recipes to make for them. Any ideas? thx

started by: ASHA72 · last update: 1395094817 · posted: 1395043001

Hello everyone I would like some restaurant recommendations for Milan. I am after a really nice place for dinner. It needs to have great food, authentic local food and have a good atmosphere. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   thanks Kindly  

started by: duomo · last update: 1394147680 · posted: 1392762622

Any fail safe recipes using the lovely asparagus showing up on the market stalls at the moment? Thanks  

started by: gardatime · last update: 1392069236 · posted: 1391728929

any suggestions for a nice place to book for a meal for 2 for San Valentino?  

started by: gardatime · last update: 1390255934 · posted: 1390255934

Does anyone know a nice restaurant they could recommend me in Como to take some clients for lunch in a months time?Thanks  

started by: Joanne S-221922 · last update: 1389215828 · posted: 1387197946

Has anyone got a foolproof mulled wine recipe? Am having a little Christmas party for my son and want to do some mulled wine for the parents when they come and collect their kids thanks  

started by: Joanne S-221922 · last update: 1389135333 · posted: 1387198107

What is the best panettone out there do we think? Want to give a few as presents thanks

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