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Hello, not sure if this is the correct place to post this. My husband and I are moving to Mantova in August to live. I was wondering if there were any people living near this city who would like to meet for a chat and a coffee sometime. We will not know anyone and it would be nice to meet and hear about other people's experiences of life in Italy. I know this is the Milan page but this is the best fit for our location.  Thanks

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I want to ask a question about a town in the Liguria region.  Angloinfo provides 3 regions - Milan, Rome and Tuscany.Is this region (Milan) the correct place to post a question about Liguria..?Dan

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Titolo originale: Darkest HourRegia: JOE WRIGHTCast: Ben Mendelsohn, Lily James, Samuel West, Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Stephen Dillane, Ronald Pickup, Pip Torrens, Hannah Steele, Adrian RawlinsDurata: 02:05Anno: 2018Un'avvincente ed entusiasmante storia vera che inizia alla vigilia della Seconda Guerra Mondiale e che vede Winston Churchill (il nominato agli Oscar Gary Oldman), pochi giorni dopo la sua elezione a Primo Ministro della Gran Bretagna, affrontare una delle sfide più turbolente e determinanti della sua carriera: l'armistizio con la Germania nazista, oppure resistere per poter combattere per gli ideali, la libertà e l'autonomia di una nazione. Mentre le inarrestabili forze naziste si propagano per l'Europa occidentale e la minaccia di un'invasione si rivela imminente, con un pubblico impreparato, un re scettico ed il suo stesso partito che trama contro di lui, Churchill deve far fronte alla sua ora più buia, unire una nazione e tentare di cambiare il corso della storia mondiale.

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If you fancy earning a little extra money, consider showing your fellow Expats our UK TV system. You can receive every UK TV channel (BBC, ITV, CH4 etc), have 14 day catch up and UK radio stations and we also have Premium and Film on demand options as well, starting at 16 euro a month. We have two "partner" ways of earning money1. We pay 30 euro for every system that is installed from your recommendationor2. You can set up your own business, charge your own rates and collect the income.Anyone can do it, you just need friends that would like to watch UK Tv, take a look at our website www.uktv4italia.com and at the very worse, you may get UK TV !No pressure, no chasing - you will get all the help, but you can do as much or as little as you need.We are an English company based near Lucca - so always English help on the end of the telephone.Thanks for readingmy email is richard@europasat.comt: 3665200656

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Dear friends,I have tried emailing recruitment consultants directly to ask for complete transparency and an honest answer but to no avail..Please can someone offer or help me.I want to relocate to Milan next year but family and friends all warn me that it's the worst place to move to given the current status of the Italian economic climate.  I fear I will be unemployed and have made the wrong decision for leaving my London life behind me... I'm not from a techincal or highly trained background whatsoever.  I am employed as an Executive Assistant / office support administrator.  I dread the thought of becoming an au pair or embark on a TEFAL course as it's simply not what I want to do. I want to study Italian at a Milan based language school and then be placed thru their internship placement for 3 months unpaid work in a sector of your choice. The school have given me no indication if it leads to paid employment.  Also to get honest, first hand advice is like pulling teeth from a recruiter based in Milan. Can anyone advise me their honest opinion/advice of being on the same posit as me!? Know how the job market stands for office support roles. Thanks so so much x

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Hi All,I was wondering whether there is anyone interested in an Italian - Portuguese language exchange. I'd like to learn some Portuguese for the upcoming month in Lisbon in October. Also if anyone knows about any convenient housing options (other than hotels and Air BnBs) please do tell.

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Hi,I'm Italian that lives in Milan, I'm looking for somebody who is interested in Italian-English language exchange. Thank you,kind regards,Paolo 

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Hi while reading post with expertsforexpats .com http://www.expertsforexpats.com/expat-news/expat-investments-news/what-does-italys-property-market-bring-in-2013 , According to a recent survey issued by the Gabetti Franchising Agency; even if the housing market is depressed it will reverse its negative trend for 2014. Meanwhile the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents states that there will be a slow recovery from the second half of 2013. The highest prices to buy a house in December 2012 were required in central Italy, and the lowest in the South. Realtors predict that prices will continue their decline in the next quarter, at the same time they are cautionary optimistic for the next two years. With property prices still sluggish – or falling - in parts of the eurozone in 2013, Italy is now more than ever an affordable investment option, according to different studies conducted by authoritative sources. “This is exactly the right time to purchase an Italian place in the sun,” says Gate-Away.com, a leading property portal for non-Italian buyers. Italian Economy Minister Fabrizio Saccomanni says Italy to exit recession by the end of 2013 From details Studies of Economic and Real Estate Market Trend, Its Noticed That Italian Economy goes down from Last few years. As from Recent News its is confirmed that Italian property investments are worth "Italy’s economy will begin emerging from its longest slump since the Second World War in the fourth quarter of this year and should grow through 2014, its economy minister Fabrizio Saccomanni said." We will start with real estate... it will not be an easy or quick job... but it is right to get going to give a concrete signal to the market," the minister said. Read this news with Blog http://golfing-in-lake-como.blogspot.in/2013/06/buying-villa-or-best-destinations-to.html  , Mind Set to buy property in Italy “even helps in whether my buying decision is worth or not  . Perfect. The blog is specially to highlight best places to buy property in north Italy and details of market trend as well some available villas in Como area. What Experts think, Is it really right time to invest in Italian Properties? As It is Highly suggested while investing and buying any property two points are considered, 1 analyzing Housing Prices have dropped to an Affordable level? And 2 Market is Favorable for buyers Market?  Both Seems to in Favor , Isn’t It ?

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Hi,Does anyone know any discount parcel companies for sending parcel/boxes from Milan to the UK?

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Have you a illustrated book project you want to produce but can't get your head around it? I am a illustration books publisher and I conduct One2One Mentoring via Skype. A step-by-step guide to layout, design, print & distribution. All you need to know to complete and sell your illustrated book. Contact: e: info@angelapatchellbooks.com

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I am looking for a reasonable costing long term storage place in the city or not too far out. Please call 3333392690 or email ttcisherwood@hotmail.com

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Happy New Year to all our members and can we wish you all the best for a happy and peaceful 2016.

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I'd love to know how this was decided - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery! https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/310231/spa-timetable.pdf Sorry we do not need to hear that "life is not fair" - this is unjust. This is not a male against female rant! Please sign the petition below and see the WASPI site on Facebook for more info. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776

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anyone got any good present ideas for all ages (have a load to get)! Have zero inspiration this year!

started by: melting-843008 · last update: 1446112194 · posted: 1445273799

any ideas for presents for a 9 year old tennis fan (male)? thanks  

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Our boiler isnt working effectively - I think it is full of calcium build up. Any idea how much it would cost to get someone to clean it out?  

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Hi there was wondering if anyone knows if there is such a thing as remote pc help? Something skype based that could help me troubleshoot a few issues before i have to take it into a centre?Thanks  

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Just wanted to draw your attention to these regular networking and socializing events organized in conjunction with Anglo info. Are a fun and useful way to add to your contacts and friends here in Milan  http://milan.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/32845/professional-aperitivo

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Hi all I am new to Milan, having moved here from Tuscany for my business. Looking for advice from all you guys re the best ways to meet new people in this city - both socially and for work purposes. Looking forward to hearing from you Jim  

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holidays are over and I am fed up! Need to plan a trip and after a beach few weeks I fancy a weekend away somewhere of natural beauty- waterfalls would be a winner. Any ideas? thanks and Buon Rientro to you all!  

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