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Dear friends,I have tried emailing recruitment consultants directly to ask for complete transparency and an honest answer but to no avail..Please can someone offer or help me.I want to relocate to Milan next year but family and friends all warn me that it's the worst place to move to given the current status of the Italian economic climate.  I fear I will be unemployed and have made the wrong decision for leaving my London life behind me... I'm not from a techincal or highly trained background whatsoever.  I am employed as an Executive Assistant / office support administrator.  I dread the thought of becoming an au pair or embark on a TEFAL course as it's simply not what I want to do. I want to study Italian at a Milan based language school and then be placed thru their internship placement for 3 months unpaid work in a sector of your choice. The school have given me no indication if it leads to paid employment.  Also to get honest, first hand advice is like pulling teeth from a recruiter based in Milan. Can anyone advise me their honest opinion/advice of being on the same posit as me!? Know how the job market stands for office support roles. Thanks so so much x


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Your friends are absolutely right...Italy is a disaster area with massive economic and endemic corruption problems. Their banks are on the verge of collapse and have been in a permanent recession for many years.

There is huge unemployment there and it's a nightmare for Italians to get employment, let alone foreigners.

The language school is on a good thing, get paid for teaching a language then get 3 months free labour...Oh come on!! Italy is well known for these scams.

Italians are well known for winding up businesses and not paying staff. I'm a businessman and like a lot of other people I know will only deal with Italians if they pay up front.

Don't be fooled by any romantic illusions of living in Italy!!

Taxes are sky high and utilities such as water, electricity, gas petrol etc is very expensive. Also, if you are used to doing a lot of things on line Italy will come as a shock.

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