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Hi all I am new to Milan, having moved here from Tuscany for my business. Looking for advice from all you guys re the best ways to meet new people in this city - both socially and for work purposes. Looking forward to hearing from you Jim  


Joanne S-837135 1442515186

have you seen the Networking Apertivo being advertised on this site at the moment? Looks like the kind of thing you are looking for

Have fun if you go!


RaluDre 1443022366

Come to this aperitivo :) it's in the city center

Jiminy-879905 1443133606

came to the one last week and will definitely be coming again. Couldnt make this weeks as in Rome for work but will be there in the future!



Joanne S-837135 1444160294

dont know if this is of as much interest but there is a #AperitivoforSingles this week AI are advertising

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