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Hello everyone.  I'm a pensioner living in Italy, and I,m covered for health by the UK.  I have recently been ill and had to pay a lot of charges for scans etc.  Can anyone tell me if I can claim this back from the British government, and if I can, how do I do it.  Thank you

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how much do a set of highlights and haircut cost In general? Just a rough idea- fancy a change

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Any idea what Italian schools stance is on chickenpox? Are kids allowed back in if they are spotty but all are scabbed over?Thanks  

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any ideas of a good place to go for a pedicure in central Milan?  

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anyone know a good fitness app for apple products? am looking for a pedometer plus other general fitness monitoring functions cheers  

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hayfever is making my life a misery at the moment! What remedies have people found work. Zirtec doesn't seem to be doing it for me anymore!

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any idea what is the most accurate? I have been advised  different things by different doctors. thanks  

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I need to buy perfume as a present and am clueless! The last perfume I bought was Poison for my Mum about 30 years ago! So any suggestions re some good, popular allrounders? thanks  

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any ideas how much a full set of blood tests cost with a ticket from a doctor? thanks

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just started with bit of a temp and achiness? I have NOT got time to be ill! What are your best fend off an illness tips? All suggestions old wIves tales included will be appreciated!  

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Any recs for a good English speaking dentist in central Milan? thanks

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Hi, I'm in Milan for a week but forgot to bring my beard trimmer. Can't seem to find any stores that carry them. Where should I go? I'm staying near the Buonarroti Metro stop.  

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Any brand of hair mascara worth trying to cover my flecks of grey? I have a hair dye allergy so struggle, luckily the grey still isnt a lot but I'd still rather not see it!  

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What is Aulin exactly? A lot of my friends use it as a painkiller instead of paracetemal. Being a sufferer of headaches am debating trying it  

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Does anyone know an osteopath in Milan they could recommend. I have been having issues with what I think is a trapped nerve and I have been advised that an osteopath is the best bet thanks

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what do I need to put in my newly purchase aerosol machine to help clear my nose and head? Any recs? thanks

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feeling very sorry for myself with a heavy cold and cant believe the season for them is already here! Has anyone had any success with preventative remedies and if so please share :)  

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Hi all We have recently moved for my husbands work from Tuscany to Monza. Was wondering if there are any English speaking doctors in the area anyone could recommend? Have my Mother due to visit shortly and she is not in the greatest health. It always reassured her when visiting in Tuscany to know there was an English speaking doctor nearby incase needed. Thanks

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Has anyone had this process done on their hair and if so are you happy with the result? I am very tempted but as my hair is coloured I am worried my hair will be damaged too much. What do you think?

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Hello! I need an English speaking gynecologist asap. Can you suggest one in Macchiacini area or Loreto? Or at least, where to search for. Thanks!

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