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Any brand of hair mascara worth trying to cover my flecks of grey? I have a hair dye allergy so struggle, luckily the grey still isnt a lot but I'd still rather not see it!  


juventina 1385413067

think Sephora stock some but have a feeling they might only be gaudy colours. Worth asking though, they are usually great for most things

Joanne S-837135 1385503907

thanks for that, will try there

Phoenix Rising-840669 1385653685

Does hair mascara cover like an eyelash mascara does? I want to cover some grey too but don't want it to be flakey like mascara. I've heard of eyebrow color that you brush on every day but that isn't thick like mascara. I wonder if that would be the same thing?


Cosetta-936329 1385678381

What about natural hair dyer? Ask in erboristeria, there's a wide choice for those having allergies like you. This kind of stuff is also suggested to women during pregnancy! Give it a try!!

Joanne S-837135 1386109259

unfortunately I am allergic even to the natural ones :( have tried everything. The last one I tried a test on my arm was a one that was meant to be anti allergy and luckily I tested it because my arm swelled up and looked like I had been branded!

Cosetta-936329 1386110575

hi Johanne, you're allergy sounds like a very severe one!! there's no point in suggesting you anything else .. besides .. forgive me if I suggested you something so banal like natural dyer that you obviously have already tried! hope you'll find a proper solution !

Joanne S-837135 1386196338

Hi Cosetta, no problem appreciate the advice, just wish someone would invent a hair dye I could use :(


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