How to fend off the lurgy

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just started with bit of a temp and achiness? I have NOT got time to be ill! What are your best fend off an illness tips? All suggestions old wIves tales included will be appreciated!  


milaneserisotto 1418923082

poor you hope it hasnt come to anything. Hot water and lemon juice first thing in the morning and pop paracetemal as soon as you get the first symptoms. No idea if it works but at least psychologically I feel like I am doing something :)


themsthebreaks 1419014966

thanks but unfortunately it turned out to be lurgy of the sickness type and dont think there is anyway of keeping that at bay....

oh well, better now than at xmas i guess


milaneserisotto 1419016303

oh dear. oh well, lots of fette biscottate and riso in bianco for you!


themsthebreaks 1419111181

not a big fan of either :(. any other suggestions re food to start having after a tummy bug?


jimjam-929325 1419280481

the rule is meant to be use the guidelines for the acronymn BRAT - Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce and Toast. 

Hope you are feeling better


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