preventing colds

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feeling very sorry for myself with a heavy cold and cant believe the season for them is already here! Has anyone had any success with preventative remedies and if so please share :)  


Joanne S-837135 1379619632

I am on a mission to avoid this situation this winter! Ever since my child started school I seem to have had one thing after another. So am drinking a fresh spremuta a day and taking vitamins but would be pleased to hear of any other ideas I can throw into the mix :)


melting-843008 1379706124

my mother in law swears by those heavy duty 1000 mg vitamin c tablets although she also has a flu jab yearly so could be that as well I guess.

Hope you are feeling better anyway,

Pastafagioli 1379974507

I think the main thing is to make sure you are living as healthy a lifestyle as possible. So eat loads of fresh veg and fruit, exercise etc as the stronger and fitter you are the less likely you are to pick up viruses.

Good luck


pandoro 1380021457

thanks you so much for the replies! And yes I think you are all right with the idea of general fitness and healthy eating helping. I have really noticed that I pick up loads more viruses since I changed jobs and increased my commute time which in turn meant my time for exercise is practically nil. Need to make time I guess......

Off to buy some oranges for spremute!

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caught your cold I think :) am going to have to start on my mother in laws vitamin tablets...

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