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The best place on the Earth to stay is Italy. My sunny Italy. Would you like to live near the sea? There are lots of villas on sale.

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Hope you don't mind a Brittany member posting for info on here.As said we live in France but are travelling to Italy at the end of the month for a holiday. Have been trying to find out information on whether we will need adaptors for the electrical items we are taking, laptop ,camera, chargers etc.Some of our items have the flat 2-pinned plugs and others have the round plugs with 2 pins and a hole for the earth contact pin which is on the wall socket.Have been searching online but seem to be getting conflicting info as whether we need adaptors. Are we right in thinking that there are round sockets AND flat 3 pin sockets? Some sites suggest that these will be OK in Italian sockets but others say we will definitely need adaptors - very confusingWanted to try and sort this out before we get there as we don't want to waste valuable holiday tine searching for an adaptor.Many thanksKaren

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Hello!Please could anyone give me advice on setting up wifi.I need to install the phone line in my old apartment and then choose a broadband provider.Can I use a different company to install the phone line to the one who I actually get the internet from?Help! Don't know how it all works!Thanks

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would it cost approx in paint etc to redecorate a 100 meter sq flat? thanks 

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I'm relocating back to the UK from Piacenza (nr. Milan). Can anyone recommend a good home removals company? 

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can anyone please tell me how to grow basil and keep it alive! I have never managed more than a few weeks!

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we have just changed phone provider and as a result incoming calls no longerhave the number displayed. Any ideas how to add that function. We are with Tim and I cant get through on client services

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i am going away in August and wont have wifi. What are my options as I like to watch streamed tv but don't want to use all my 3G allowance doing it.

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anyone know if Dehumidifiers are any good? Am at the end of my tether with this weather!

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we are only around for another few weeks but am starting to think this heat will see me off! So thinking about renting one of those portable units if that is something that is available  

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Can anyone shed any light on who should have the responsibility for maintenance of the bars on the balcony of our apartment, they are looking very old and not very secure. Is that down to us as tenants or the landlord to sort does anyone knows. thanks

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thinking ahead here and hoping to get a bargain in the sales. How many fixed wall air con units do you reckon I would need for a 90 m apartment with 2 bedrooms and a lounge? Money is an issue so I want to keep to the minimum possible thanks for any advice  

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looking to pick up some reasonably priced rugs for my apartment - any suggestions as to a good place to go?  

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any idea if it is easy to return items to Ikea? I want to get a sofa cover but the model sofa I have is no longer being sold there. There is one that looks very similar but if it doesnt fit after I buy it I would want to exchange it. Is this likely to be possible anyone know?  

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Anyone know a reliable company to install a small swimming pool? In the Como area. thanks

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has anyone ever tried getting house sitters in over the summer period and if so how was your experience?  

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am away for most of August and am worried re my plants as the person who was going to water them is ill so cant do. Any ideas of innovative ways to ensure they get some water without spending a fortune on gadgets? Dont have enough plants to justify spending a lot but am very fond of the ones I have :)  

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Does anyone know any auction houses or shops selling good second hand / designer/ antique furniture anywhere near Milan? Surely not everyone want IKEA?

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My husband and I just moved to milan we understand the basic of recycling: Paper, plastic, glass, and food. We are confused about bags to use. Were we leave I have been using the black plastic bags to separate all but I dont think that is correct. Can someone please help me. I wanna recycle correctly.

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Does anyone know a company that resprays with high gloss or Matt paint the doors of kitchen cabinets, near Milan or there about's.

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