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Hope you don't mind a Brittany member posting for info on here.As said we live in France but are travelling to Italy at the end of the month for a holiday. Have been trying to find out information on whether we will need adaptors for the electrical items we are taking, laptop ,camera, chargers etc.Some of our items have the flat 2-pinned plugs and others have the round plugs with 2 pins and a hole for the earth contact pin which is on the wall socket.Have been searching online but seem to be getting conflicting info as whether we need adaptors. Are we right in thinking that there are round sockets AND flat 3 pin sockets? Some sites suggest that these will be OK in Italian sockets but others say we will definitely need adaptors - very confusingWanted to try and sort this out before we get there as we don't want to waste valuable holiday tine searching for an adaptor.Many thanksKaren


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There are NO flat pin sockets in Italy, they are all round and generally the smaller two pin type. Hope this isn't too late for your planned trip.

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