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Kat W



My husband and I just moved to milan we understand the basic of recycling: Paper, plastic, glass, and food. We are confused about bags to use. Were we leave I have been using the black plastic bags to separate all but I dont think that is correct. Can someone please help me. I wanna recycle correctly.


Cliona Bacon 1401924549

We have just moved to Italy and find the whole thing totally confusing. But if you go to your local council they will give you a calendar , as to when you have to put out your different rubbish, in different coloured plastic or transparent bags. Will Sell you different coloured bins, and also tell you a valuable secret, that on Sat  somewhere in your neighbourhood is the 'dump', which until midday you can bring all your rubbish and they will help you sort it into different skips. Good luck, we feel sort of terrorized by the whole affair, my husband walks around the kitchen with a piece of rubbish, asking which of the 5 bins do I put this in? But maybe it will make us all think more about our 'throw away' society!

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