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My juvenile male sterilised cat has started doing wees in wardrobes and cupboards. Any ideas on how I can get him to stop?


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Have you tried spraying Feliway on his litter tray to make it more appealing to him? Another good idea would be to keep all cupboards firmly closed for the time being.

harry-840620 1351360398

Try putting silver foil on anything you don't want him to go on; it works!!

agata-837140 1351534314

Thanks the silver foil seems to be working...

milli-837108 1352143922

When cats start using a place other than ther tray as a toilet it can be a sign of a urinary infection which can be very serious in males. Get him to the vet for a blood test just to rule it out.

agata-837140 1352235331

Thanks for the advice; I will take him for a check up and a blood test, it can't do any harm.

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milli is correct.  I hope you managed to take him to the vet.  In my experience the cat is always sick if they start weeing in unusual places.

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