My pregnant cat has gone somewhere

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Hi, I’m jas. We moved with our cat approximately 10 days ago into a new house and since it had been more then a week we decided to let her out a little bit also because she was pregnant and I think she wants able to give birth because she couldn’t find a good spot. Also she was a stray cat but few moths ago she stared sleeping with me and staying with me all the time. Out of our family she only let me pet me or sleep with. Now that we moved to new house it was the same but only thing was that she seemed bit upset because she couldn’t go out side. She really liked walking around outside the house. So yesterday I let her Go outside and she only went few steps and came back and then again she came and sat infront if the door and she walked around little bit and climbed up the fence and went out neighbour’s , but before doing that she just sat on the fence and looked around and then she looked at me and then jumped. when I went to check where she was she’s wasn’t there. And behind our neighbours house there’s a farm which has perfect spots for her to give birth. It’s roughly been 20 hours seems I saw her last time I have been going to the farm and calling her name while shaking a bag of treats. I’m not sure if she hasn’t come back because she’s giving birth because she had been showing few signs of labour or she’s lost. Can anyone help with this situation?? 


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