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Hello I would like to know where I could rent a racing bike in Milan ( a road bicycle).  I am visiting for a week or so and would like to do some riding around Milan. But I need to hire a bike.   I hope you can help.   Kind regards   Ash

started by: Fitty · last update: 1449153204 · posted: 1449153204

Any suggestions for a brief Xmas getaway in the mountains....here or possibly Austria or Switzerland?  Thanks.  

started by: Fitty · last update: 1442225000 · posted: 1442222556

Wondering about a good place to watch these matches.  Any ideas?  Thanks

started by: Pastafagioli · last update: 1430423975 · posted: 1430423975

am transferring to Milan shortly for work , am looking forward to it but part of me is starting to dread leaving Tuscany where I am now as I love the outdoors life. I know of course the lakes are wonderful near Milan but was wondering if there any nice walks in wooded areas you could recommend to me?

started by: jimmorrison · last update: 1429042714 · posted: 1429042714

any idea where I could go horse riding in the Milan area? thanks

started by: duomo · last update: 1427743520 · posted: 1427743520

any idea how much tennis lessons would cost more or less? thanks  

started by: pandoro · last update: 1426803971 · posted: 1426803971

have promised my dad some golf when he comes out in the late spring. any suggestions re where should take him? thanks  

started by: jimjam-929325 · last update: 1406149422 · posted: 1406149422

Anyone know if there are any channels showing the commonwealth games here in Italy?

started by: jimjam-929325 · last update: 1405463219 · posted: 1403821383

Who's everyones money on? I am backing Holland I think now after England and Italy's dismal performance..  

started by: hairybikers · last update: 1404294685 · posted: 1404294685

Does anyone know if there are any pubs showing Wimbledon? Or is it just all about the football at the moment?

started by: Annabella45 · last update: 1397082426 · posted: 1397043449

I am looking for an english speaking female personal trainer that can train me at home, any suggestions please of good trainers?

started by: jimmorrison · last update: 1395267957 · posted: 1394659965

Are there any cycling races that are well known in the Lombardy area? My brother is a massive racing fan and thought would be fun to tie his next visit in with a race? thanks

started by: jimjam-929325 · last update: 1386019799 · posted: 1385678387

is there anywhere near Milan good for skiing yet? Really itching to get on the slopes thanks  

started by: Jenny P · last update: 1383675558 · posted: 1383486223

Hi all, I'd like to start Pilates in a studio with an instructor, rather than a mat class.  Can anyone recommend a good studio?  Thanks

started by: gardatime · last update: 1383254526 · posted: 1382565355

Have been hearing about the Couch to 5k running challenge. Am the most unfit, technophobe out there (although do have an iphone). Has anyone done this who could recommend an app to me for this and talk me through it. Also give me any success stories to motivate me.... thanks  

started by: gardatime · last update: 1383172391 · posted: 1382565957

I have some visitors due next month who have requested I take them to the San Siro to watch a match. Never been! Any advice? There is an Inter game one day and Milan the other. Which would be the best? Thanks very much to any football fans out there who can help me

started by: Pastafagioli · last update: 1381358402 · posted: 1380841262

Want to book a weekend in the lakes shortly. Which one would you recommend? I want somewhere quiet and beautiful :)  

started by: valentina-837109 · last update: 1359571145 · posted: 1358267009

I'd love to try snow shoeing this weekend but I have no idea which resort offers it nor how to get there as I don't have a car. Any recommendations?

started by: nelly-837115 · last update: 1359571109 · posted: 1359476338

Does anyone know where I will be able to see the superbowl live in Milan?

started by: elly-837600 · last update: 1357807945 · posted: 1357220717

I am looking for a chalet to rent in a local ski resort, no real preferences which. Please let me know if you have one available for 4 adults in the last 2 weeks of January.

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