Gifts, Florists & Flowers

Best Flowers
Florist with a wide selection of flowers on offer, at 29 Avenue Albert II.
Fleur de Pot
Florist with a selection of little potted plants, at 39 bd du Jardin Exotique.
Narmino Fleurs
Florist with a range of flowers and potted plants on offer at 27 ave de la Costa.
Gastaldi Fleurs
Florist with a wide range of flowers on offer at 25 bd des Moulins.
De Wan
Shop selling jewellery and gifts at 40 bd des Moulins.
Chocolaterie de Monaco
Chocolate shop and tea room established in 1920. Selection of gift ideas that can be purchased online. Open Monday to Saturday from 09:30-18:30. Place de la Visitation in Monaco.