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New to Monaco and want to meet and make ... 4 General
Hi!   I just very recently moved to Monaco from Switzerland for a new job!  Working in a tiny office s...
started by: Charlotte 1984 · last update: 1494017800 · posted: 1476296587
cleaning in Nice required 0 Home & Garden
We need a person to do the housework,cleaning in the apartment (2 bedrooms) in NICE, once a week for 5-6 hours. ...
started by: evgueniya · last update: 1489352243 · posted: 1489352243
Tutor of Spanish IGCSE and IB 0 Families & Kids
Is you child in need of assistance in their Spanish studies? If so, I am a fully-qualified tutor of Spanish as a...
started by: Blue-Sky · last update: 1488809264 · posted: 1488809264
renis creation in art, chansons aso 0 Entertainment
Monaco's history is vonnected with artist SSOLike celebrate that with diffetnt evrnts expo, concerte
started by: reni-bifamo von-893663 · last update: 1487538997 · posted: 1487538997
Open air cinema? 0 Entertainment
Is the Open air cinema closed for good? Or does it only open when the weather gets warmer?
started by: Daniel H · last update: 1485328057 · posted: 1485328057
Dog hotel 0 Pets & Animals
Hello, can soneone recommend a good reliable dog hotel in the area between Nice and Menton please?warm re...
started by: Saskia-135682 · last update: 1483517693 · posted: 1483517693
New Year's MONACO Ballet 0 General
Selling 3 ticketsMONTE CARLO BALLET
started by: Alain French Teacher · last update: 1482694788 · posted: 1482694788
English Nanny 0 Families & Kids
English Nanny 10 years experience, references available, non smoker, female candidate looking for long term posi...
started by: French Riviera Nanny · last update: 1481215928 · posted: 1481215928
Looking for English speaking nanny in C... 0 Families & Kids
Hi!I'm looking for an English speaking nanny in Côte d'Azur for a girl 1.7 years old. Let's share your e...
started by: Daisy Loewe-Oatman-868488 · last update: 1473790832 · posted: 1473790832
fix web site 0 AngloINFO Support
Your web site is very bad no more add please fix it or put back the old one 
started by: PKBIGOT · last update: 1472224361 · posted: 1464796417
sharing a flat in MC 1 Home & Garden
hallo, currently looking for someone sharing my studio in MC. 
started by: stefania v · last update: 1471812804 · posted: 1466589492
Looking for appartment in Menton 2 General
Hello, i am looking for a small apartment in Menton for period from September to June. Please help!
started by: lanarosche · last update: 1471772533 · posted: 1465110274
Softball/Baseball Coach 0 Sport & Leisure
started by: Samia-Stiti-866195 · last update: 1470317510 · posted: 1470317510
Looking for a kitten 0 Pets & Animals
Hello, people! Is there anybody who has some kittens to give away? Or a friend, or friend's friend? P...
started by: ElsaCobson · last update: 1468935155 · posted: 1456318937
English speaking nutritionist or dietiti... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
can anyone recommend an English speaking dietitian or nutritionist somewhere from Monaco to Cannes?much o...
started by: fred-Riend-862144 · last update: 1468536196 · posted: 1465932520
Rihanna tickets for sale 0 Entertainment
Hi, I have 3 Rihanna Tickets for the 15th of July at the Stade Allianz Riviera if anybody is interested. I bough...
started by: Candace -Olds -864263 · last update: 1468225999 · posted: 1468225999
man, van and dog! 0 General
HI I need to move around 12 to 15 boxes plus me and a small dog back to the UK (london) from Nice. the man with ...
started by: claire-h-856403 · last update: 1464615107 · posted: 1464615107
GP Yesterday 0 Sport & Leisure
What a great race yesterday. Unusual for a Monaco Grand Prix to be so exciting. Feel really sorry for Ricciardo ...
started by: Daniel H · last update: 1464590542 · posted: 1464590542
TANKA Associ...
started by: Tanka-Association-860276 · last update: 1464081143 · posted: 1464075855
cleaning service 1 Home & Garden
Hello, does anybody know a reliable and cheap clean service ?I need professionals. Tired of maids that fo...
started by: alina r · last update: 1464012708 · posted: 1461929920
Monaco Grand Prix 0 Entertainment
Hi, We have an apartment for the Grand Prix weekend with a great view of the track. We are looking f...
started by: Matt-Stewart-859847 · last update: 1463658398 · posted: 1463658398
Transport a car from London to Nice 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello need advice for best way to bring a car from London to Nice area,  i check online and says by train i...
started by: davidu · last update: 1462395904 · posted: 1462395904
short term stay close to monaco 0 Home & Garden
Hello People, I recently moved to Monaco and am looking for a 2 month lease (may-June) ei...
started by: Jesco-Schwittay-857328 · last update: 1461444232 · posted: 1461444232
Portuguese guys for stonewalls in the ga... 0 Home & Garden
Please help me,Anyone knowing some good portuguese guys that building stonewalls? Had some very ta...
started by: vickevera · last update: 1460747858 · posted: 1460747858
Is there a discount if I pay back Bank L... 0 Financial & Legal
I took two loans last year to purchase a car - one from my bank and the other from the car dealer. Both loans ar...
started by: mariner-212253 · last update: 1460275317 · posted: 1460219569
Costs of pregnancy and childbirth in Mon... 0 Families & Kids
Hi! I am pregnant with my first child and am not part of the Monegasque social security system. I do have a private...
started by: hile16 · last update: 1459806010 · posted: 1457775696
Jazz in Monaco 0 Entertainment
Jazz singer  and piano player. Looking for gigs or teaching jobs .0771669169
started by: lanarosche · last update: 1459093715 · posted: 1459093715
Mercedes Vito (Left hand drive) 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
For sale Mercedes Vito 111 cdi (Panel Van)Left hand drive 180 000km. price: 10 200€
started by: Sele-IL-852341 · last update: 1458166647 · posted: 1458166647
Tonight's Bayern vs. Torino match 1 Sport & Leisure
hello fellow expats, Can someone suggest where I can view tonight's match.  With Arsenal and Barcelo...
started by: elizabeth0202-645100 · last update: 1458030431 · posted: 1456228481
Opening business account 0 Financial & Legal
Please I need help. We rent commerce -art gallery with contract of 3 years. We have statute for establishing compan...
started by: Mila1-967614 · last update: 1457906288 · posted: 1457906288
Cost of pregnancy and childbirth in Mona... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi!  I am pregnant with my first child and am not part of the Monegasque social security system. I do have a p...
started by: hile16 · last update: 1457776152 · posted: 1457776152
Finding Spices on the Riviera..... 0 Food & Drink
Apologies if this a stupid question (and I'm fearing that it is!).   My husband and I love cooking. ...
started by: Jack01-10066686 · last update: 1456753929 · posted: 1456644655
MoochieMedia 1 Entertainment
We have tried to contact MoochieMedia for the last few days - without success. Does anyone know if they still ex...
started by: Frou-Frou · last update: 1456748653 · posted: 1456430568
Physio 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, I am interested in finding an English speaking Physio therapist in or around Sophia Antipolis.
started by: TheTysons · last update: 1456744718 · posted: 1456741766
Compulsory insurance on mortgages 0 Financial & Legal
Having lived through years of UK PPI either being reclaimed and/or companies offering to reclaim PPI on one...
started by: cilleanna · last update: 1456744005 · posted: 1456744005
Registering a holiday rental 0 General
hello, we have a studio apt. Which we would like to rent out as a holiday rental.  What is involved in regi...
started by: True_North · last update: 1456691661 · posted: 1456691661
Selling procedure 0 Home & Garden
Hi   we are hoping to sell our holiday home and as we are in the Uk can somebody please expla...
started by: Ruby542 · last update: 1456601115 · posted: 1456586801
English host family needed for French 13... 0 Families & Kids
French lad on Riviera needs to practice his spoken English and requires a host English-speaking family living on...
started by: Braveface · last update: 1456576179 · posted: 1456576179
Fosse septic new regulations 0 Home & Garden
Hello everyone, with regard to the new law on fosse septic where all soil water goes directly into the main drai...
started by: Peterterence · last update: 1456518497 · posted: 1456156065
Job 0 Families & Kids
Hi I am a woman of 34 years Italian and mother of three boys I'm looking for steady work in a family to Monaco o...
started by: Debbyebimbe · last update: 1456517858 · posted: 1456517858
Good hairdresser for highlights 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know of an English speaking person who does highlights properly like they do in England, not with th...
started by: Kathleen Vera · last update: 1456478973 · posted: 1456395973
Tax d'habitation and Taxes Foncieres 4 Financial & Legal
Hi all, I have a problem with Cagnes Sur Mer tax office.   We have a family apartment ...
started by: BrianMc-976173 · last update: 1456477545 · posted: 1456432385
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation course... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows where they offer CRP (cardiopulmonary resuscitation
started by: monaco1989 · last update: 1456445173 · posted: 1456440487
Art 2 General
Want to know where the best place would be or how to sell art, here in France.In uk one would contact Bonhmas or...
started by: pilkington-322676 · last update: 1456445050 · posted: 1456213100
bio farm 2 Food & Drink
can anyone reccommend a bio farm that sells in nice markets   thank you
started by: maisonmaison · last update: 1456348505 · posted: 1456258517
Carpet underlay 2 General
I am looking for carpet underlay and so far haven't managed to find any. It doesn't need to be fantastic quality...
started by: Rosie25-646598 · last update: 1456345795 · posted: 1456343549
Short term let? 0 Home & Garden
Hi, we are looking for a small house or apartment to rent for 3-4  months while we search for property. All...
started by: Hurley1 · last update: 1456321712 · posted: 1456321712
Antiques/furniture buyers 0 Home & Garden
Hi, We have some extra antique furnitures in Biot ( 2 desks and big cabin). Does anyone know if there is ...
started by: jlumento · last update: 1456320694 · posted: 1456320694
Cleaner/ change over 3 Home & Garden
I would like to rent out my apartment for holiday lets and need a reliable cleaner / laundry clean  please....
started by: DianeR-258283 · last update: 1456163232 · posted: 1456074632
seeking insurance agent 4 Financial & Legal
Seeking Insurance agents for Villa and Car insurance in order to compare the different offeres in this field...
started by: michael lange-219337 · last update: 1456147902 · posted: 1456077800