The Achievement Centre

Tap into more of your potential by effectively using more of your KASH. "Knowledge Attitude Skills and Habits". Get the Guaranteed results you want in order to outperform your competitors. 5436 Royalmount, Mount-Royal, H4P 1H7

We all start out in business with the best of intentions and as we grow things generally become more challenging. At The Achievement centre we recognize this so we created targeted programs designed to enable you and your team to put the pieces into place. The idea is similar to a jig saw puzzle that then act like a spring board. Our belief is that professional development should not be about the flavor of the day but about what is best for the business.
Once we have agreed on the key areas that will be of most benefit to you, the next step for us is to create a proposal that captures the goals and objectives that together we plan to achieve. Then with your permission the signed mandate can be sent to the Quebec Government to ask about a subvention. They as we do have a vested interest in helping a PME to grow their  business intelligently.
At the end of the day by using more of your KASH "Knowledge Attitude Skills and Habits" you can get more of the things that you want for yourself and for your business. Quite simply put this is how you outperform your competitors,this is how you grow your business intelligently and this is how you get the results that you want.
So the one last question to consider is “What results do you want and by when”. We work with a limited number of clients because for us it is about the quality, value and results of the training and coaching we offer. This is why our clients are getting a 200 percent to 400 percent return on investment and we are a little bullish because we guarantee results.
Give us a call for a free no obligation meeting. You have nothing to lose and well lots to gain. Do you have the audacity to be the master of your destiny?