Garden Services & Landscape Design

Tree Surgeons & Gardeners

Emondage St-Germain
Full range of tree surgeon and tree maintenance services. Large range of equipment for tackling major jobs.
Botanica Tree Services
Tree surgeons and tree maintenance specialists offering services such as planting, stump grinding, pruning, dead wood removal, hedge trimming and emergency work.
Royal Tree Service
Repairing storm damaged trees, tree stump pulling, felling, and removal and cedar hedge and tree trimming. Member of Tree Care Industry Association. Operating exclusively in the West Island.
Arbo Design
Tree care and maintenance services such as pruning, planting, cutting, tree protection, soil control, lightning protection and tree risk management. 125 rang Ste-Sophie, Oka, J0N 1E0.
Arboriculture Lapointe
Company specialising in the felling, pruning and pollarding of trees along with root removals.
Tree care and maintenance services for Montreal and the West Island. 4615 Ave. Prince of Wales, Montreal, H4B 2L2.
Emondage Sud-Ouest
Specialist tree surgeon services and tree removal. Services such as pruning, felling, stump removal, bracing, trimming and more. 24 hour emergency call out service.
Emondage D-Bo-Arbres
Tree surgeon services for the Montreal and West Island area. Tree pruning, cutting and removal plus hedge trimming and deforestation. 24 hour emergency call out service. 2304 Aladin Street, Laval, H7K 1M5.
Pro-Cut Tree Service
Full range of tree surgeon and tree maintenance services from simple pruning to unsafe branch removal and tree felling. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. P.O. Box 695, Kahnawake, QC.
Dulac Emondage Abattage
Tree care and maintenance specialists with services such as pruning, trimming, tree felling, installation of poles and removal of dangerous trees. 24 hour emergency call out service.