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Tax Advice 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Montreal Mojito · Updated: 1590220680 · Created: 1416820283
I have a rather complicated tax situation as I spend a lot of time in Europe and have homes both there and here in Canad
Acountant 2 Financial & Legal Started by: Pierogi · Updated: 1590219205 · Created: 1420606656
Can anyone recommend a plain-talking, English-speaking accountant I could get in touch with please?
Rhinoplasty Montreal 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Nannie -Fisher-935581 · Updated: 1554272545 · Created: 1554272545
Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job, It is a plastic surgery procedure for reconstructing the nose.
Some DIY tips for raccoon removal 0 Home & Garden Started by: Lois-John-897318 · Updated: 1491635465 · Created: 1491635465
Hi folks, I am here seeking DIY methods for raccoon removal. Raccoons are a real nuisance in our area. I am very scared
Cleaning after a renovation 3 Home & Garden Started by: thelmataylor · Updated: 1491635279 · Created: 1488876867
Hi all, I have been looking for a solution for decluttering my house after a small renovation. It is totally messed up a
Lower back pain after physical activities 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: barbara-wills-897305 · Updated: 1491623451 · Created: 1491623451
Hey, I had to do a lot of physical activities last month as it was my sister's marriage. Our father passed away two year
Creative ideas for our special room 0 Home & Garden Started by: rebecca-thomas-897256 · Updated: 1491545527 · Created: 1491545527
Hi there, I am very happy that the construction of our new house is going well. It is a two-storied house and we have 3
Help me with some landscape ideas 1 Home & Garden Started by: andrea-james-895977 · Updated: 1491545198 · Created: 1490071428
Hi all, hope all are fine. I am here to get some suggestions. We are planning for the renovation of our recently bought
Planning a renovation 0 Home & Garden Started by: evelyn-vega · Updated: 1491064388 · Created: 1491064388
Hi, we are planning to renovate our living room. Doors and windows in the room have been made childproof. Our linen sofa
Entertainment unit 0 Home & Garden Started by: hollie · Updated: 1490011045 · Created: 1490011045
Hi all, we bought a new home theater system. We are planning to renovate our living room by adding an entertainment unit
Going for a trip 2 Home & Garden Started by: karen-rivera · Updated: 1490008195 · Created: 1488365605
Hi all, after a long time we are planning for a trip. We love to go for some cruise as we haven’t gone one before. I a
Home security 1 Home & Garden Started by: Dianne-Brown-895695 · Updated: 1490005645 · Created: 1489725868
Hello friends, I am Dianne Brown, a newbie here. Glad to meet you all. I am planning to renovate my house. Inorder to ma
Home Decor Plants 4 Home & Garden Started by: Daisy-967981 · Updated: 1488868303 · Created: 1405492619
I am looking for indoor plants to add little greenery to my home. Would it be a good idea?
Home renovation 2 Home & Garden Started by: donnavaldez · Updated: 1488864347 · Created: 1487677415
Howdy, I have prepared a rough plan for my partial home renovation. My friend has helped me with some interior designs a
Medical alert for grandpa 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Sandea-Paul-894049 · Updated: 1487935234 · Created: 1487935234
Hi folks, I have been searching for an app that would help my grandfather. He is old but healthy. He loves mobile apps a
Upgrading without full renovation 3 Home & Garden Started by: jeswina-hike-879378 · Updated: 1487932440 · Created: 1480740368
Some friends of mine has been asking for how to make their bathroom new without a full renovation. Well, I have been als
Running Club 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Hip Hop Chick · Updated: 1487673837 · Created: 1411102723
I would really like to get back into running but I need the motivation of other runners. Is there a club someonne can te
Pilates 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Poutine · Updated: 1487669314 · Created: 1416407312
My physiotherapist has recommended I take up pilates to help build muscle in my abdominal area nad in my back. Can anyon
Slimming down! 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: donna-valdez-893774 · Updated: 1487658789 · Created: 1487658789
Hi, would like to get replies on the safe and easiest ways to get rid of my extra pounds!
How you feel while staying in a yurt? 0 Entertainment Started by: Alice-John-880166 · Updated: 1481526471 · Created: 1481526471
Would you like to stay in a yurt during your trip? I really love to stay at yurt during my skiing and I am planning to b