PtitCREF 1905

Trilingual center for kids in Moscow. Kindergarten, extracurricular, language courses for kids. English, French, Russian. Metro 1905 goda. B.Trekhgorny per, 4, str. 2

PtitCREF is a trilingual center for kids, where children freely develop in three languages and cultures: English, French, and Russian.

PtitCREF is designed for children from 2 to 7 years old and includes a kindergarten, extracurricular clubs, language courses, holiday programs and school preparation courses.

Our academic program is based on the corresponding national curriculum for each language – in Russian, «From birth to school», in French «Programme de léducation nationale 2013, toute-petite section» and the British «Early Years Foundation Stage».

PtitCREF provides a diverse, high quality education; we have only native speakers as teachers and children from all over the world as students.

PtitCREF raises children of the world.

PtitCREF - everything is so interesting!

You can join our center PtitCREF1905 near the Krasnopresnenskaya metrostation.

Enrollment for the new academic year is open!

Enrollment for the Summer Camp is open!

For more details, please, contact us: +7(495)221-21-10