Cricket, Rugby & Football

Moscow Dragons Rugby Football Club (MDRFC)
Membership based expat rugby club. Playing on two stadiums - Krasny Baltietz (Lokomotiv) and Stadium Yantar (Storogino).
Cricket Russia
United Cricket Club (Cricket Russia) was established in 2004 and became affiliated with International Cricket Council in 2012. Online resource.
CSKA football club
Official web site of CSKA football club in Moscow. Team, media coverage, fan zone, partners, shopping for regalia.
Spartak football club
Official web site of Spartak football club. Regalia, games, photos, tickets, fan zone.
Moscow Football Club
Online resource, organizing football teams and fans in Moscow. Information about teams, games, scores and related information. Contract form on the web site.
Board of Control for Cricket in Russia
Managing teams and games for cricket in Moscow. Several registered teams. Self managed organisation. Online resource.
Women Football Club
Open to all women ready to play unprofessional football. Every Sunday 15:00-17:00. Near Metro Aeroport.