American clinic Dental Art
Full range of dental services: implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, X-ray diagnostics on site, laser dentistry. Dental emergency 24/7. Metro: Krasnopresnenskaya, ul. Druzhinnikovskaya 15, Moscow, 123242.
Dental services from extractions to surgical extractions, crowns, bridges, prophylaxis, root canals, dentures, fillings, sealants, space maintainers and emergencies. pr. Vernadckogo 5, Moscow.
German Dental Care
Implantology, prosthetic, therapy, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, dental hygiene, cosmetics. Metro: Mayakovskaya, ul. Yuliusa Fuchika 11/13.
Berlin Dental Clinic
General dentistry services - teeth cleaning, implants, restorations, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. pr Wernadskogo 103/3-157, Moscow, 119526.
US Dental Care
Preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics and dental hygiene. Open Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00-18:00. Metro: Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka 7/5, Moscow, 125009.
Baby Smile
Dental clinic for children, teens and adults; services include dental implants and crowns, veneers, dentures, braces, root canals, bridges and teeth whitening. ul. Novoslobodskaya, 67/69, Moscow, 127055.
European Dental Centre
French dental team. General and cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, orthodontics, periodontics, laser bleaching. Metro: Smolenskaya, per. 1st Nikoloschepovsky 6.
Swiss Smile Moscow
Dental services include bad breath treatment, braces and retainer, bridge, implants, crowns, extraction, root canal, dentures, and fillings. bul. 2, Vsevolozsky, Moscow.
American-Russian Dental Centre
Hygiene, whitening, implants, reconstructive surgery, veneers, restorations, crowns, bridges. Metro: Mayakovskaya, ul. Tverskaya-Yamskaya 5, Moscow, 123001.
American Clinic
Family and medicine center with diagnostic and laboratory services. Treatments for gynaecology and obstetrics, pain management, cardiology and orthopaedics. With general dentistry services. 31 Grokholsky Pereulok, Moscow, 129090.
Frischmann Dental Center
General dentistry services including crowns and implants, dentures and mouth guards; oral and maxillofacial surgeon; and cosmetic dentistry. pr. Michurinsky 9, Moscow, 117602.
Novel Dent
Dental consultation, assessment and treatment. ul. Meschanskaya 7, Moscow, 129090.
Dental Land
Dental clinic, services include dental surgery, prosthetics, tooth bleaching, periodontal diseases, bite correction. Metro: Teatralnaya, ul. Zoologicheskaya 2, podiezd 9.
French Dental Clinic
General dental treatment, implantation, orthodontics, orthopedy, aesthetic stomatology, teeth bleaching. Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda, ul. Zvenigorodskaya 13, str. 41.
European Medical Center EMC
Private medical clinic and dental centre open 24h. Ul. Schepkina 35.