Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals

Berry Grooming
Grooming studio; services can be performed at home. ul. Vavilova 97, Moscow, 117335.
Full service veterinary clinic. Ul. 2 Magistralnaya 16.
Veterinary biotechnology research and production company. Provides delivery to consumers by any kind of transportation. Ul. Academica Skryabina 23.
A chain of grooming salons, accessories and clothes shops for pets. Open daily 11:00-20:00. Ul. Novoslobodskaya 67/69.
Dog Groomer
Grooming and sitting services for dogs. pr. Lermontovskiy 6, Moscow 109145.
Gooddog Grooming Salon
Pet grooming services. pr. Lomonosovskiy 40, Moscow 119192.
Grooming services dogs and cats which includes bath and hair cut. ul. Dorozhnaya 32, corp 2, Moscow.
Sir Cat
Hotel for cats. Open 24h. Phone booking, video monitoring and home delivery available. Ul. Yuzhnoportovaya 5/1
Grooming House
Grooming salon for dogs and cats. ul. Narodnogo Opolcheniya, 12к1, Moscow 123423.
Veterinary clinic provides all kind of medical treatment for pets including house call services. Ul. Dubninskaya 32.