Estate Agents: Central Moscow

Elite residential property advisor providing consulting services and property for sale and rent. Per. Trekhprudniy 9, str. 4.
MIBS Real Estate
Premium property in Greece and Cyprus for sale. Bul. Petrovsky 10.
Provides a full range of consulting services in commercial and elite residential real estate, specialises in retail, office, warehouse and elite real estate. Per. Potapovsky 5, str. 2.
Full range of real estate services, including all types of property deals as well as consulting and support services. Open Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00. Ul. Tverskaya 12 str. 9.
English speaking Real Estate Expert in Moscow
Daily from 08:00-23:00. Tverskaya 1.
consultation on the real estate market and prices, analysis of the residential market and forecasting its development, apartment rentals and sales, cottages and land plots, legal assistance. Bul. Chistoprudniy 5/10.
Astoria Realty
British company providing services in relocation and real estate. Per. Gazetny 9/4.
New Terra
Sspecialises in rent of premium class, business class and economy class apartments and country real estate as well as in relocation services for foreign citizens. Ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya 21.
Elite residential complex, country real estate and land for sale.
Slavyanskiy Dvor
Luxury apartments, residential and commercial real estate property. Ul. Ostozhenka 16/1.
Apartment rental, sale and relocation services. Maliy Palashevskiy 6, str. 1.
Delivers services on residential, country and commercial real estate in Moscow, Moscow region and abroad, focusing on elite real estate. Ul. Bolshaya Sadovaya 10.
Why Invest
Property rental and purchase of Office, retail and residential buildings, personal property shopper investment advice for expat and Russian nationals. Visa support for the Russian Federation and relocation services. Moscow City, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya
Elvis Realty
Real estate consultant, rental services, apartment renovation, moving and cleaning. Per. Bolshoy Nikolovorobinskiy 10.
Chelsea Bureau
Apartments, houses and offices for sale and rent. Per. Bersenevskiy 8, str. 1.
Mayfair Properties
Provides a complete package of consulting and brokers services dealing with prime residential, commercial, rural real estate and land plots. Per. Khlebnyi 19A.
Real estate company providing wide range of services such as: consulting, corporate strategy, corporate services, tenant representation, research, evaluation, legal support, project management, feasibility study. Bul. Tsvetnoy 25, str. 3.
Madison Estate
Estate agency providing all types of real estate services. Ul. Leo Tolstoy 23/7.
AT realty
Sale and rental of elite real estate. Ul. Noviy Arbat 15.
Magazin Magazinov
Provides a wide range of service such as retail real estate market consulting, brokerage, research, capital markets. Ul. Prechistenka 40/2.
Stone belt
Apartments sale, provision of services to physical and legal bodies with regard to apartments and nonresidential premises purchase, sale or exchange, property management. Ul. Bolshaya Polyanka 42, str. 1.
Luxury apartments, residential and commercial real estate property. Ostozhenka street,16/1-1A, office #3
Century 21
Apartments for sale and rent. Per. Denezhny 22/14.
At Home Network
Real estate agency offering services for expats looking to buy and rent in Moscow. Open 09:00-19:00. Ul. Skakovaya 17.
Real estate agency providing assistance with sale and purchase of premises, rentals, operations with commercial and countryside property. Multiple locations. Per. Pevcheskiy 1/2, str. 2.
NDV Realty
Commercial, urban and countryside real estate property. Pl. Trubnaya 2.
Spectrum of services concerning elite residential and office properties. Ul. Malaya Nikitskaya 16/5.
Kalinka realty
Agent services, consulting, marketing, advertising, investment ans sales management. Per. Molochniy 1.
Exclusive Figaro
Full range of real estate services including sale, rent and lease of property. Per. Ruzheyny 6.
Pik Group
Development, construction and sale of mass-market residential properties. Ul. Barrikadnaya 19, str. 1.
Penny Lane Realty
Rroviding services in rentals and sales of residential, non-residential and country real estate. Ul. Znamenka 13-3.
Apple Real Estate
Buying, selling and renting of luxury properties: elite apartments, houses and offices. Ul. Tverskaya 18, Moscow, 127006.
Intermark Savills
Global real estate services provider. Specialist advisory, management and transactional services to clients all over the world. Bul. Smolensky 40/2.
Real estate services such as apartment rental, sale and lease, consulting and evaluation services, property management and legal services. Open Monday to Friday 09:30-20:30. Ul. Malaya Ordynka 24/41.