Health & Medical Insurance

Zurich Insurance Group
Corporate and personal property insurance, financial lines insurance, marine cargo insurance, contaminated products insurance. Metro: Paveletskaya, pl. Paveletskaya, str. 2, Moscow 115054.
Auto insurance, property insurance, mortgage insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, accident insurance. Metro: Shabolovskaya, ul. Shabolovka 31b, Moscow, 115162.
Russia Insurance Group
Corporate and personal property insurance, construction insurance, liability insuranc. Pr. Olminskogo 3A.
Ace Insurance
International insurance company providing full range of insurance services. Metro: Kropotkinskaya, per. Barykovskiy 2, Moscow, 119034.
Corporate and personal property insurance, construction insurance, liability insurance, financial lines insurance. Ul. Tverskaya-Yamskaya 21.
Expat health cover for people with a global outlook
Whether you move alone or with your family, AXA have a range of plans to support your health cover needs. 
My Matchmaker
My Matchmaker is an independent broker specialising in helping expatriates find the right international health insurance for their needs from a range of well-known insurers.
VTB Insurance
Transport insurance, financial risks insurance, cargo insurance, civil engineering work insurance, private insurance. Chistye Prudy Business Centre, ul. Turgenevskaya 1, 2/4.
Ugoria Insurance Company
Accident insurance, contractors all risks insurance, machinery breakdown insurance, electronic equipment insurance, cargo insurance. ul. Butyrskiy val 68/70.
Motor insurance, property insurance, health insurance, mortgage insurance, personal accident insurance, medical insurance for travellers, liability insurance. Metro: Novokuznetskaya, nab. Sadovnicheskaya 23.