Immigration, Visa & Integration Assistance

Visas and work permits, Russian citizenship. Per. Furmanyi 9.
A3 Group Law Firm
Law firm providing support of foreign business in Russia in migration law, corporate and labour law, real estate and arbitration proceedings, tax law and intellectual property. Ul. Trubnaya 21/11.
Russian Visa
Online Russian visa consultancy.
Legal Stay
Official registration of employment documents. Processing documents for a multiple work visa. per. Furmany 9.
VISTA Foreign Business Support
Incorporating and supporting of companies run abroad, including those in offshore jurisdictions, registration of amendments to charter documents. Ul. Trubnaya 25/1
Visa HR Consulting
Consulting company providing business and tourist visas to Russia, quotas and permission for recruitment of foreign nationals, temporary and permanent residence and work permits.
Visa House
An independent agency specialising in Russian visas for business people and tourists. Provides consultations and assistance in obtaining necessary documents from the Russian government. Metro Okhotnya Ryad, ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 22/2, office 18.
Visa To Russia
Russian visa online services. Leninsky Prospekt 29/8.
Attida Consulting
Work permit and registration in Moscow. Invitations to Russia. Pr. Volgogradskiy 28.
Real Russia
All types of visas and visa support documents to Russia. Ul. Bolshaya Maryinskaya 9.
Visit Russia
Visas, tours, tickets and transportation. Ul. Zhebrunova 6.
Why Invest
Property rental and purchase of Office, retail and residential buildings, personal property shopper investment advice for expat and Russian nationals. Visa support for the Russian Federation and relocation services. Moscow City, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya
Russian-American Consulting Travel Agency
Visa support and legalization information. Ul. Gilyarovskogo 57.
Go to Russia
Visa, tours and travel services are provided. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00. Ul. Pyatnitskaya 3/4.
Russian visa agency. All types of visa applications supported. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00. Per. Maliy Kharitonievsky 9/13, str. 4.
Russian National Group
Visas, tours, tickets, hotels and excursions. Bul. Chistoprudni 5/10.
Country of Tourism
Invitation letters, visas and excursions. Per. 1 Smolensky 4/3.
BRP Group
Visa consulting services and legal support. Invitation letters, work permits and migration registrations. Ul. Novoryazanskaya 18-13.
TIM Services
Legalization of foreign nationals coming to Russia for business and work purposes. Per. 1 Kozhevnichesky 6.
Provides visa registration, work permits and excursions. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00. Ul. Lesnaya 43.
Peace Travel Services
All types of visas, hotel reservation and tickets. Ul. Novocheremushkinskaya 24.
ATH American Express
Visa support and travel services. Ul. Usacheva 33, str. 1.