Accountants, Auditors & Bookkeepers

Tax Consultants

Skif Consulting
Legal advisory for businesses and individuals, representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, tax disputes, including tax refund and to appeal the results of desk and field tax audits, debt collection, outsourcing accounting.
Farringdon Group
Tax planning, retirement planning, mortgage, portfolio management, private banking, international wills services. Pl. Smolenskaya 3.
Conseco Press
Provides tax consulting and legal services. Pl. Smolenskaya 3.
Tax, accounting, management, finance and IT consulting services. Per. Krivokolenny 3, str. 1.
Audit, consulting, tax and legal services. White Square Office Center, 10 Butyrsky Val, Moscow 125047.
Michailov and Partners
Provides tax and staff consulting services along with book-keeping, audit, appraisal and legal services. Ul. Begovaya 2.
Rufil Consulting
Consulting company providing accounting services, tax returns, management reporting and work permit. Nab. Shlyusovaya 8, str. 1.
Ecovis Russia
Consulting firm with tax advisors, accountants, auditors and lawyers.
United consultants FDP
Provides tax consulting services, geology and consulting services for oil and gas companies, appraisal, audit and legal advisory services. Pr. Mira 124, str.15.
Russia Consulting
Consulting services in taxation, recruiting, business set up, accounting and reporting. Ul. Bakhrushina 32/1.
Univers Audit
Provides tax and routine consulting, accounting and audit services. Ul. 2 Zvenigorodskaya 13, str. 41.
DS Express
Provides international tax planning consulting services. Ul. Solzhenitsyna 11, str. 1.
Tax consulting, corporate law, corporate finance and valuation services. Bul. Strastnoy 4/3, str. 3.