Tourist Offices & Information

Russian Federation Tourism Department
Russian Federation Tourism Department is part of the Ministry of Economic Development & Trade. Metro: Kitai Gorod. Myasnitskaya ul., 47
Intourist travel agency
One of the first Soviet and then Russian travel service for international tourists. Trips and excursions in Moscow and across Russia. Metro: Prospect Mira, Prospect Mira 150, Hotel Cosmos.
Russian National Tourist Office (RNTO)
Tourist information about travel in Moscow and Russia. Accommodation, trips, sights, attractions. Metro: Chistie Prudy, Chistoprudni bul., 5/10, Suite 214
Spanish information center
Spanish information center in Moscow. Metro Pushkinskaya or Tverskaya, ul. Tverskaya 16/2, Business Center "Galeria Aktor", 6
Moscow Call Centre for Russian and Foreign Tourists
Call centre providing information in Russian and English about the historical and memorable places in the city, phone numbers and hours of organizations, public transport, cost and availability of tickets, embassies and customs. Open 24/7.
The Moscow Tourism Committee’s Information Centre
Advises on all tourist details necessary for Moscow visitors. Travel arrangements in Moscow and around. Metro: Vodny Stadion, Kronshtadtsky blvd, 43a.