University, Higher Education & MBA

Moscow University Touro
American and Russian business school providing baccalaureate business and graduate MBA education in Moscow. Per. Podsosensky 20, bld. 1.
D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
Graduate programs in chemical engineering, training managers, sociologists, industrial environmentalists, and IT professionals. Pl. Miusskaya 9.
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
Institute of construction and architecture, environmental engineering and mechanization, hydraulic engineering and power plant construction, economics, management and information. Sh. Yaroslavskoe 26.
Moscow State University of Food Production
Institute of veterinary examination, sanitation and the environment, institute of continuing professional education, technology innovation, management quality and safety, medical institute. Sh. Volokolamskoye 11.
Russian State University of Trade and Economics
Providing higher professional education, secondary education and advanced training courses. Ul. Smolnaya 36.
Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology
University training professionals in microelectronics, nanotechnology in electronics, telecommunication technologies, fundamental sciences, economics, graphic design and linguistics. Zelenograd, str. 5.
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Leading universities in the areas of physics, mathematics, and informatics. Per. Institutskii 9.
American Institute of Business and Economics
Full range of business courses taught in English: business administration, marketing, finance, accounting. Metro: Belyaevo, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 23, Moscow, 117485.
The Vakhtangov Theatre Academy
Theatre school. Per. Bolshoi Nikolopeskovskii 12a.
Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
Bachelors and masters programmes in the field of applied Math and Sciences. Kashirskoe Highway 31, Moscow 115409.
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Graduation programs in materials and technology, radio electronics and laser technology, informatics and control systems, special machinery, robotics and complex automation, power engineering, fundamental sciences. Ul. Baumanskaya 2/5
Russian State University of Tourism and Service
Public university providing higher education in tourism and services studies. Ul. Glavnaya 99.
State University of Management
University in the field of management education. Pr. Rjazanskii 99.
Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Technical University. Ul. Krasnokazarmennaya 14.
Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering
Automotive Institute, technological Institute, environmental and chemical engineering, economics and management, international institute. Ul. Staraya Basmannaya 21/4.
Russian State Medical University
High quality of training for medical students and doctors in main academic disciplines. Ul. Ostrovitianov.
Moscow State University of Geddesy and Cartography
University in the field of geodesy and cartography. Per. Gorokhovsky 4.
International university offering a broad range of courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Vernadskogo Prospekt 76.
The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute
Language Institute specializing in teaching Russian to international students and in training teachers to teach Russian as a foreign language. Ul. Volgin 6.
Moscow Aviation Institute
Aeronautical engineering, engines for flying vehicles, control systems, informatics and electropower systems, radio electronics for flying vehicles, astronautical and rocket engineering. sh. Volokolamskoe 4.
Peoples Friendship University of Russia
International university uniting students from 140 countries. Ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 6.
Higher Theatre School
The institute has faculties of acting, plastic education, elocution, art, philosophy and cultural studies. UlNeglinnaya 6/2.
Moscow State Textile University A.N. Kosygin
The university has the followings major departments: technology and production management, chemical technology and ecology, weaving, information technology, automation and energy, economics and management. Ul. Malaja Kaluzskaja 1.
Russian Academy of Theatre Arts
University education in liberal arts and humanities. Ul. Losinoostrovskaja 24.
Moscow State Forest University (MSFU)
University training engineering personnel, scientists, bachelors and masters for forest industry. 1 Institutskaya 1.
Moscow State University of Printing Arts
University training experts for publishing houses, print shops, book-selling organizations. Ul. Pryanishnikova 2A.
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Skolkovo is an international business school that includes MBA and Executive MBA programs. Novaya ul. 100, Skolkovo village, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region.
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Institutions of higher education: mechanics and mathematics, computational mathematics and cybernetics, physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, bioengineering and bioinformatics, soil science. GSP-1, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119991.
Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied...
School for industrial, monumental and decorative art and design. Sh. Volokolamskoye 9.
Moscow Conservatory
Seven conservatory departments to study: piano, orchestra, musicology, composition, conducting, vocal, historical and contemporary performance. ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya 13/6.
Academy of Labour and Social Relations
International academy. Graduate studies in economic, social and labour issues, social management, finance, legal regulation, labour, industrial safety and ecology. Metro: Prospekt Vernadskogo, ul. Lobachevskogo 90, Moscow, 119454.
Moscow State Aviation Techological University
Aerospace technology, aerospace engineering, material science, avionics, applied mathematics, economics and ecology, social science, special training programmes. Ul. Orshanskaya 3.
Russian State University for the Humanities
University training specialists in all areas of knowledge in the humanities. Pl. Miusskaya 6.
Moscow State Mining University
Types of programs: higher education, graduate education, extended vocational education, secondary vocational education. Ul. Chayanova 15.
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Diplomatic training institute. Pr. Vernadskogo, 7
The Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University
Engineering university. Pr. Leningradskiy 64.
Moscow State University of Food Production
Institute of veterinary examination, sanitation and environment, continuing professional education, technology innovation, management quality and safety, medical Institute. Sh. Volokolamskoye 11.
Moscow State Pedagogical University
Faculty of chemistry, elementary classes, history, mathematics, pedagogics, psychology, sociology, economics and law. Ul. Malaya Pirogoskaya 1.