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Selling our chateau in France 0 General
We are selling our chateau in the Vendee region of France.  We would like to market it in Russia but do not ha
started by: Vendee Hearts-545425 · last update: 1477047247 · posted: 1477047247
Math tutor 3 Families & Kids
We are currently looking for an English speaking math tutor for my grandson. Preferably one who can do home service
started by: granpapa · last update: 1458118905 · posted: 1448902540
Gastropub in Moscow center 4 Food & Drink
Looking to have some fun with friends and would like to ask for good gastropub in city center.
started by: Gunners77 · last update: 1454101277 · posted: 1453818764
Ramen 1 Food & Drink
I am looking for some good ramen in central Moscow. Any recommendations?
started by: Keith-983145 · last update: 1453999846 · posted: 1453724540
Bonsai 0 Home & Garden
Any idea where to buy bonsai plants?
started by: Marie Hames · last update: 1453997598 · posted: 1453997598
DSLR 3 General
Looking to buy a DSLR - any recommendations for a good shop with competitive price?
started by: Raymond Cox · last update: 1453857397 · posted: 1452093632
Handicrafts market? 3 General
Can anyone point me where to go?
started by: Chris Cooper · last update: 1453856694 · posted: 1452693995
good massage in moscow 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello everybody, one of my female friends offer good massage (Centre), she has really strong hands for woman)) so w
started by: alex264 · last update: 1453856503 · posted: 1453072425
Nanny services? 4 General
Can anyone recommend a reliable agency or company for nannies?
started by: Lady D · last update: 1453856376 · posted: 1452866554
German sausages 1 Food & Drink
Looking for Nuremberger sausage... any idea where to get them?
started by: TheGhost · last update: 1453826491 · posted: 1452702391
Secondhand tires 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Any recommendations for a shop to  buy secondhand tires?
started by: AussieinMoscow · last update: 1453741177 · posted: 1453741177
Hairdresser wanted 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
My favorite hairdresser moved put and I am now looking for another,  English speaking preferred. Any recommend
started by: greenwgoddess · last update: 1453294417 · posted: 1452789617
Book clubs 2 General
Interested in joining an English book club - any recommendations?
started by: Lady D · last update: 1453131834 · posted: 1452169331
Afternoon tea 2 General
Does anyone know of a nice venue for an informal afternoon tea?
started by: IloveRussia · last update: 1452789770 · posted: 1452279859
Mitchum deodorant? 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Has anyone seen this deo anywhere here?
started by: Gunners77 · last update: 1452613237 · posted: 1451912882
Paintball clubs? 1 Sport & Leisure
Looking to join a paintball club in Moscow. Any recommendations?
started by: AussieinMoscow · last update: 1452175768 · posted: 1452002060
Best Moscow souvenir 2 General
Looking to bring home something but can't decide on anything. Any suggestions?
started by: Keith-983145 · last update: 1452012150 · posted: 1451408048
Running club for women 2 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone know of a women's running group in Moscow?
started by: Lady D · last update: 1451923870 · posted: 1451313146
Happy New Year! 0 General
Wishing everyone a year filled with success!
started by: Expat2012 · last update: 1451663795 · posted: 1451663795
Fireworks on NY eve 0 General
Any recommendations on nice venues for watching fireworks on New Year's eve with kids?
started by: Carol Jamieson · last update: 1451486335 · posted: 1451486335