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Hi there! Anybody is up for a biking trip one of the coming weekends? Will plan to go from Sokolniki park for 2-3 hours.  Let me know if you are interested.

started by: AussieinMoscow · last update: 1586115692 · posted: 1453741177

Any recommendations for a shop to  buy secondhand tires?

started by: Arthur-10055908 · last update: 1585681157 · posted: 1450726277

Hello, my name is Arthur.  I think many of you are thinking about buying the used car in Moscow. The first question is where to buy?The second is who speaks english?The third who checks all russian papers? Who knows the better way to fix all this problems? Thanks in advance  

started by: IloveRussia · last update: 1450799480 · posted: 1436199560

Looking at buying a used car but I am not sure what would be the best place to buy one. Anybody got recommendations?

started by: matt-607 · last update: 1450374165 · posted: 1445012877

Any recommendations where to buy original parts for a Vespa?

started by: Dave Turner · last update: 1443103768 · posted: 1443103768

Can anyone point me where to get the car aircon fixed?

started by: Mr M. H. · last update: 1441136103 · posted: 1439409184

I saw an add that the new subaru will start selling in Moscow. Anyone knows if they are actually selling already?

started by: i_am_edward · last update: 1433503028 · posted: 1432561546

Anyone got a recommendation for a good car rental service?

started by: Paul Winter · last update: 1433255317 · posted: 1432920758

Can anyone recommend bike repair shops?

started by: JeffP · last update: 1428517654 · posted: 1376267306

Can anybody recommend a company in Moscow that can help with long term car rent, 1 year plus?  Does this exist in Moscow?

started by: Maur_next · last update: 1408818556 · posted: 1396910425

Bikes now have right of way on cross-roads and turns.  I hope that Moscow drivers know about these rules and bikers will not be hit by cars!  

started by: RegataYa · last update: 1408127683 · posted: 1398087383

Can somebody help me find reliable bike repair shop in Moscow?  Thank you!

started by: Farmboy-910982 · last update: 1406845460 · posted: 1405882867

Given Moscow traffic, thinking about getting a motorbike to go around.  Can seomebody help with understanding motobike driving license rules in Russia?  Thanks much!

started by: Todd-Bel · last update: 1403209536 · posted: 1395414330

Can someone recommend an English speaking taxi company in Moscow?  Thanks.

started by: Dimitri_77 · last update: 1398715390 · posted: 1383779616

In December, parking in Moscow within Sadovoe Koltso will become paid.  I think, it will be great for the city and will solve some parking issues downtown.  What do you think?  It worked in London, why not in Moscow?

started by: Vplist · last update: 1397670924 · posted: 1397137468

Just read that 17 new underground parking lots will be built in Moscow center.  Will take some time, but still good news to make Moscow center a bit better accessible for drivers. In Russian, but can use Google translate to help: http://www.m24.ru/articles/41791

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Prokhorov Cruising St. Pete in Prototype Yo-Mobil: http://bit.ly/15ru3QTLooks like Mitsubishi to me :)

started by: Farmboy-910982 · last update: 1396357210 · posted: 1395765956

Moscow City will establish a unified transportation card (Ediniy) for all Moscow transport system from May 1st.  Initially a pilot project will be run. This is good news!  Will make it even easier to travel in Moscow.  Not that I use any other means, but the metro system.

started by: David_New · last update: 1396014727 · posted: 1386790594

There will be 3 night bus routes started in Central Moscow from December 13th.  Convenient for me to get where I live!

started by: Quintin_mos · last update: 1395060245 · posted: 1393369871

Can anyone advise if it is possible to change car egistration in Moscow from temporary (imported) to permanent (local)?  Is it possible to do?  Does it depend on what type of visa I have?

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