Cycling Moscow’s lanes

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Hi there! Anybody is up for a biking trip one of the coming weekends? Will plan to go from Sokolniki park for 2-3 hours.  Let me know if you are interested.


RegataYa 1371779099

Are you a pro?  I would be interested to join, but I usually do not go fast.  I may try one of the organized tours, like:

Todd-Bel 1373237585

If anybody wants a countryside addventure, I would like to offer a 30-40km ride between two railroad lines that go outside of Moscow.  Not easy to find direct routes in all cases, but there is no way one can get lost either.  Write me if you are interested.  We can develop a trip together.

Victor-Noah-948004 1587566881

I've been to Moscow a couple times and I can tell it's such a nice place to be. However, driving waywardly isn't tolerated in the city center which is why an adequate driving lessons is paramount.

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