English speaking taxi company

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Can someone recommend an English speaking taxi company in Moscow?  Thanks.


RegataYa 1395693931

If you show address in Russian, pretty much any taxi driver can take you where you want to go!

Todd-Bel 1395766032

Thank you, but I am looking for a taxi company that would have a call center to take orders already in English and then drivers to be English sepaking also.

Vplist 1396042670

Try the AngloINFO list on this site.  All companies are supposed to be English speaking:

CN_Andrew 1396300817

We used to use taxi 956.  They have corporate service, also private.  They speak English, the drivers as well.

Todd-Bel 1396467078

Thanks much for the details & recommendations!

David_New 1401103057

I had good experience with Taxi Moment, they are also listed on AngloINFO. Call center speaks English and one can book English speaking drivers. Service is not bad!

Globereisender 1403209536

Hey Todd-Bel, I know the guys from LingoTaxi - all call center and all the drivers speak fluent English besides other foreign languages. Try them, there are really good! lingotaxi.com

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