New traffic rules in Moscow, valid from today

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Bikes now have right of way on cross-roads and turns.  I hope that Moscow drivers know about these rules and bikers will not be hit by cars!  


Nik05 1397069398

From my point of view - better to be safe than fast!  You never know what these drivers think.

UK_Elena 1399475102

I have noticed since some time already that Moscow drivers are becoming much more friendly to pedestrians and bikers. This is very good, indeed!  Still, have to be carefull while crossing the roads!

Todd-Bel 1405936619

Read recently that speed on the Third Ring will be reduced to 60 km/h and new separations on exits will be introduced.

Quintin_mos 1406897412

154 streets in the center of Moscow have become paid parking street since today.  Please be careful and not get fined!

SA_Neil 1408818556

Heard recently that Moscow is trying the right turn on red light (as it works in the USA, for example, for a long time).  Do you know if this true?

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