Parking in Moscow center

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In December, parking in Moscow within Sadovoe Koltso will become paid.  I think, it will be great for the city and will solve some parking issues downtown.  What do you think?  It worked in London, why not in Moscow?


Bardov 1383934684

I think, it will work, if implemented well :)

Maur_next 1384187086

I think, this would definitely help.  Another solution would be to develop metro system and maybe trams as well.  I already read about a promosal like this somewhere.

Todd-Bel 1386602604

Now the prices for parking went up for the 2nd time already... Moscow government needs to be very clear about this will work and what people should expect.  Otherwise, people will not be happy.

Afana 1386862591

Here's the official website on Moscow parking:

Todd-Bel 1386960085

Ah, good.  I think, I have seen this site before, but forgot.  Will check it out.

Kim_NE 1398254665

There was in the news that parking in the Moscow center will be free on the weekends!  Great move!

Afana 1398254907

Free parking on weekends would be great.  I see in my area that people are now parking all over, on sidewalks, in fire alleys, etc, to avoid the parkign charges. However, the reality is that there is just not enough parking available.

JeffP 1398715390 Google Translate will help if your Russian is not that good. Parking can be even paid by SMS.

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