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Does anyone know of a good violin teacher for an 8 year old?

started by: Kenga1972 · last update: 1576424896 · posted: 1397573652

Would appreciate your experiences and advice for travel destinations around Moscow for May holidays.  Not looking to fly places, but rather drive for 2-3 days.  Thank you!

started by: FlyWorld · last update: 1574626051 · posted: 1380323530

Heard about German program school and preschool in Moscow. Anybody can share experience with it? What is the web site?

started by: IloveRussia · last update: 1573142365 · posted: 1419439333

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

started by: granpapa · last update: 1572939055 · posted: 1448902540

We are currently looking for an English speaking math tutor for my grandson. Preferably one who can do home service for an hour or two on weekends.

started by: Julie Turner · last update: 1449680209 · posted: 1447421942

Hello. Does anybody know a good psychologist specialised in autism spectrum disorders?  Appreciate any help extended.

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Has anyone got idea where to go for kiddie events for this Christmas season?

started by: Fiona Kealley · last update: 1447084509 · posted: 1446565816

Does anyone know if there are any stores that rent baby gears here in Moscow?

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Anybody knows of any upcoming Halloween trick n treats for kids?

started by: Kenga1972 · last update: 1427967776 · posted: 1394646168

Does anyone know of any good children summer camps to recommend anywhere in Europe or even in Russia, Turkey?

started by: AussieinMoscow · last update: 1423677140 · posted: 1423586865

Do Russians really read and love books because I read an article that Russia has the most published books in the western hemisphere? I thought of asking because I saw a bunch of children exchanging none textbooks.

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What are the places to avoid due to traffic this New Year's eve?

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I read from one of the post in this forum that using phone cards from local telecoms are far more affordable than using local mobile sim. I am kind of doing a holiday call sprint to friends. Does anybody have any recommendation on which phone cards are better? I understand that this may not be the most convenient way but calling family members and friends for the coming holidays is very important to me. Any recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend English speaking dentists that are good with kids?

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Hello, some of my Russian friends are fond of group buying of clothing for their kids, for example. They get several moms together and then supplier gives them wholesale discount. Sounds good! Has anybody tried this? Never came across this before.

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Dear parents, what are your recommendations about The Anglo American School of Moscow?  Thank you for sharing!

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Hello parents!  Skate park for kids has opened in Gorky Park.  Not sure they speak any English, but who cares about English when kids can learn to skate :)

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Hello community!  Anybody visited this English language theatre?  What can you say?"Flying Banana Children's Theatre Group"

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Does anybody know of a pool in the city center where I could bring my 6 month old baby for swimming lessons?

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Moscow book fair is starting today.  I believe they will have a section with English language books as well.

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