May holiday destinations

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Would appreciate your experiences and advice for travel destinations around Moscow for May holidays.  Not looking to fly places, but rather drive for 2-3 days.  Thank you!


Kim_NE 1397774944

We are going to Yaroslavl. Should be great for 2-3 days. And not far from Moscow either!

Dimitri_77 1398357702

Suzdal is a good destination for a couple of days.  Quite popular already.  I am afraid that it might be fully booked for coming May holidays.

Fonti_love 1398900796

Recommend Kazan', if you have not been there yet. This town is changing really fast!

Step2011 1399474203

Snow in Moscow on May 7th!  I can not believe my eyes!

Corinne-74 1399570903

We went to Tula.  It is a town not far from Moscow, driving distance.  Nice town to see for a few days, but one has to prepare of what to see and what to do!


Viennaco 1399674022

We stayed in Moscow this time. City is less crowded and lots of interesting events to visit. Well done, Moscow!

Victor-Noah-948004 1576424895

My family stays in Moscow, but I prefer exploring other continents, such as Africa. I recently travel to Africa, and I think there are great places to visit in Africa.

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