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What will be good to give for a billionaire present?

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On the discussion Doing business in Russia, the steps to form a company was mentioned. I want to know whether there is a need to have the bank signature cards notarized as what I am reading from the internet. Does anyone know about the requirement? I haven't talked to firms that offer company formation services. I am hoping that someone in this forum could help me understand. Thanks.

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A friend is looking for an English speaking notaire, any recommendations?

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How easy it is, from your point of view to do business in Russia, compared to other countries?  Share your oppinion please!  Thank you.

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Joe CUETARA Attorney at law in Spain and France practicing Internacional Law (http://www.687704940.info), assist with business in Southern Europe. FREE LEGAL ADVISE!!! ASK ME!!!  

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Where can I find a good paralegal researcher in Moscow?

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Are expats affected by the declining Russian Ruble? While there seem to be a scare regarding this issue globally, I do not see Russians panicking despite the news prior the close of 2014. For us working locally from abroad, I haven't felt anything regarding the decline. How about the others, are you affected by the declining currency issue?

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does anyone know whether a 'proof of marriage termination from previous marriage' is the same as divorce papers?

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Hi everyone. I need a clarification on these 2 Questions on Labour Law in Russia:   1st: Should Russian staff be allowed leave (local or vacation) after 3 months probation or after completing one year? Or is it left to the employer’s discretion? 2nd: How to deal with lateness of staff? Should the lateness be deducted from their leave or from their salary? Or can they compensate by working supplementary hours?   Thanks for your help & regards!   Danny  

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What do you think about this dual passport for Russians crackdown?  If the law is passed, all dual passport Russians will have to report their 2nd passport.

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We can probably live without apples from Poland... But no way to survive without Scottish whiskey in Moscow! What do I do, if I do not like Russian vodka? :)

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Does anyone know if foreign citizens who work in Russia on local contracts, can legally participate in Russian pension programs?

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Maybe a stupid question, but did anybody try to use ruble savings/deposit accounts and keep money in Russia or is it too risky?

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Maybe you have heard that there were a lot of discussions to reduce or remove the limit of 1000 euros per person per month in cross-border purchases in Russia. As I understand now that the Ministry of Finance did not approve changing the limit from 1000 euros to 150 euros.  Looks like, there will be more discussions and changes, but for now all stays as in was.

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Hello all, What is the most expat friendly bank in Moscow, from your point of view?  I mean - English speaking personnel, good currency rates, easy transfers to and from Russia. Share your views please!

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Can anyone advise what would be the best insurance plan to use for someone (an expat) living Moscow?

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Anybody tried moneycorp for money transfers? What are the tricks?

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Central Bank Launches New 1-Ruble Coin: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/502060.html. Make sure you know how new coins look!

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Can someone recommend trustful multilingual translation company that can also work with online orders and printed deliveries?  Moscow, certainly.  Thanks!

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Just read in the news that Russia is considering to waive visas for train passenger.  Not clear, how this will work and never travelled to Russia by train, but may become easier for visitors!

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