started by: Bardov · last update: 1587567127 · posted: 1405882559

Where to buy good wine in Moscow, and so that prices are reasonable?  All that I see in Azbuka Vkusa, for example, is quite expensive!

started by: Gunners77 · last update: 1553123667 · posted: 1453818764

Looking to have some fun with friends and would like to ask for good gastropub in city center.

started by: TheGhost · last update: 1553123637 · posted: 1452702391

Looking for Nuremberger sausage... any idea where to get them?

started by: Keith-983145 · last update: 1453999846 · posted: 1453724540

I am looking for some good ramen in central Moscow. Any recommendations?

started by: TheGhost · last update: 1451325927 · posted: 1450283459

What would be your favorite? Burger Heroes is good. So does those at Tap & Barrel Pub.

started by: My China Eyes · last update: 1450375061 · posted: 1449158004

Where, in your opinion, serves the best kimchi here in Moscow?

started by: Marie Hames · last update: 1449590795 · posted: 1449241788

Will be having friends visiting and would like to get recommendations on gluten free restaurants around Moscow.

started by: My China Eyes · last update: 1449071039 · posted: 1448377696

Any idea where can I buy this kind of shortbread? Many thanks. https://www.walkersshortbread.com/uk/

started by: granpapa · last update: 1447781320 · posted: 1446650221

Looking to have a large plump Christmas turkey this holiday season. Any recommendations on where best to get tem?

started by: greenwgoddess · last update: 1447260236 · posted: 1446653325

Where to get mochi green tea ice cream here in Moscow?

started by: Cleofe · last update: 1443461610 · posted: 1443015113

Where do you get cayenne and poblano peppers?

started by: SA_Neil · last update: 1443461468 · posted: 1395271170

What indian food restaurants in Moscow would make you come back there one more time?

started by: AussieinMoscow · last update: 1442504100 · posted: 1442504100

Where to buy delicious mooncakes here in Moscow?

started by: Paul Winter · last update: 1442339329 · posted: 1439904188

What restaurants do you usually recommend to first time visitors? 

started by: Carol Jamieson · last update: 1442266087 · posted: 1441892254

Any suggestion on where can I get lentils?

started by: Raymond Cox · last update: 1441988123 · posted: 1441214219

Wife is having cravings; where best to go for chili crabs here in Moscow?

started by: Fiona Kealley · last update: 1441656796 · posted: 1441282091

Getting intoo baking and would like to get organic chocolate bars; any recommendations on where can I buy them?

started by: Cleofe · last update: 1441025425 · posted: 1440518226

Looking for a place to get nice, not-too-expensive farmers' produce (veggies, meat etc). Any recommendations?

started by: Charlie Fung · last update: 1438099867 · posted: 1436980486

Looking for a good wine bar; anyone got recommendations?

started by: Cleofe · last update: 1437060753 · posted: 1436878985

Has anyone seen or knows where to buy manuka honey?

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