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When it comes to desserts, savoring them through jars adds up to the taste. Be it the beautiful presentation or the layers of ingredients clearly visible through the glass jar doubles the sensory experience, making it visually appealing and delish for the taste buds. If you too have a sweet tooth and are fond of exploring different dessert options, then this one is a must-try for you. Lime Pie is a quick and easy recipe that can be made in a jiffy. With its sweet and tangy taste, this recipe will definitely impress you and your family. Be it a birthday bash or kitty party, you can make these cute little jars of dessert and level up your hosting game. So, make sure you try this recipe and enjoy the delicious Lime Pie

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Ich brauche Hilfe! Wo kann ich gutes Geld bekommen?

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I would like to know where I can find craft supply for a bedouin project? We are looking for the red traditional fabric that they have on the seating areas as well as people dressed in national clothes and camels etc? 

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Looking to spend my free time volunterring; any recommendations?

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Is there anyway one can join the red cross volunteer connection? My daughter wants to become a volunteer in the Red Cross organization.

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Getting flights arrangement isn't in every casesimple. We need to spend extended periods of time in searching for the bestsite and need to go through hours in scanning for the correct arrangements andneed to search for various choices so we get what we need. Spirit Airlines flights arrangement are anything but difficult todiscover and can enable you to investigate new puts effectively. 

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I have the best place.. Home  for all year residence, school for children, or holidays. Right on the beach.  Call me, George, on  nine nine, six one nine, two two five. LIMASSOL, CYPRUS. 

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Can anyone recommend a reliable agency or company for nannies?

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Looking to buy a DSLR - any recommendations for a good shop with competitive price?

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We are selling our chateau in the Vendee region of France.  We would like to market it in Russia but do not have a clue where to begin.  If anyone has any suggestions how to do this we would appreciate the advice.  The sale price is €395,000 so within the reach of a wide market of buyers.

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Can anyone point me where to go?

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Interested in joining an English book club - any recommendations?

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Does anyone know of a nice venue for an informal afternoon tea?

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Looking to bring home something but can't decide on anything. Any suggestions?

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Wishing everyone a year filled with success!

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Any recommendations on nice venues for watching fireworks on New Year's eve with kids?

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Looking for a French tutor. Message me.

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Any recommendations on good computer shops? My desktop needs a bit of fixing.

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For anyone! Wives, partners, mothers,husbands et al please read info on the WASPI site on Facebook.Someone in your circle may need this information. Please sign to support women born 1950s and unfairly treated in pension age change https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776

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