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What are your thoughts between instagram models and those that are in the runway?

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Has anyone seen this deo anywhere here?

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Hi there, can anyone here post a candid review on any fitness machines to stay fit? My grandma needs pretty much some light fitness machines. Any recommendation will be much appreciated.

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Hello everybody, one of my female friends offer good massage (Centre), she has really strong hands for woman)) so who'd like to try, contact me here or write comments, i'll give her contact. Cheers!

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My favorite hairdresser moved put and I am now looking for another,  English speaking preferred. Any recommendations?

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Are there pharmacies that are open 24 hours?

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Any recommendations for a good English speaking family counselor? 

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Any idea where to get yellow fever vaccine?

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Is anyone here interested in a Gold's Gym membership?

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Can anyone recommend a good speech therapist who speaks English? 

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Any place that offers Krav Maga classes in English?

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Where can I buy unrefined shea butter?

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Anyone got recommendations for a nice shop that sells nice vintage clothings?

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Can anyone suggest a good opthalmologist? Need to have my eyes checked immediately.

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Any recommendations for an English hairdresser?

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A visiting friend has diabetes and needs to have his annual retinopathy exam done here. Anyone knows of a good ophthalmologist? English speaking preferred please.    

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Hi! I'm Ani. I'm a freelance yoga instructor currently based in Moscow, offering personalised private classes on Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, power yoga, restorative yoga and the basics of Pranayama breathing techniques and meditation. Classes are tailored according to one's skill level, from beginner to intermediate, as well as one's needs. Whether you want a dynamic, intensive practice, focused on building or improving your core strength and balance, or a gentle slow flow or restorative class to feel more grounded and relaxed at the end of the day, I'm happy to help you and guide you all the way through!   Please contact me directly at syamatarani@gmail.com   Thank you,   Ani

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Looking for a European or American chiropractor in Moscow, any recommendations?

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Need opinions here: Which would be the best hospital for foreigners, American Medical Center or European Medical Center?

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Help please. Anybody knows where to buy Smashbox cosmetics in Russia?

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