started by: Step2011 · last update: 1603534605 · posted: 1381761391

Are we safe??? "1,200 Detained at Vegetable Warehouse Targeted in Anti-Migrant RiotsRussian police said Monday that 1,200 people had been detained at a vegetable warehouse in a Moscow suburb that was one of the main targets of anti-migrant rioters during a night of violent clashes in the area."

started by: Marie Hames · last update: 1453997598 · posted: 1453997598

Any idea where to buy bonsai plants?

started by: Dave Turner · last update: 1444746535 · posted: 1444746535

Does anyone know if this paint is available here in Moscow?

started by: Lady D · last update: 1443542424 · posted: 1443024350

Does anyone know of a professional oven cleaning company?

started by: Keith-983145 · last update: 1437507440 · posted: 1436371336

Looking to build a Japanese style garden; we need help with the design and building. Can anyone recommend someone to help with this project?

started by: BravoTango · last update: 1431515654 · posted: 1430135929

Can anyone direct me to an electronics shop, need to buy a few transistors and resistors?

started by: David_New · last update: 1416998266 · posted: 1407365582

Is there a web site in Moscow that features jobs for expats, jobs in English or requiring English speakers?

started by: CN_Andrew · last update: 1416482774 · posted: 1384274325

Can anybody recommend a print shop that can do quality prints, possibly A3 size?  Not simple 10x15 photo printing.  Thanks!

started by: Kim_NE · last update: 1416254262 · posted: 1390514586

Did you hear that DHL, FedEx and others will stop delivering private parcels to Russia? I cannot belive this!

started by: CN_Andrew · last update: 1415817502 · posted: 1381426069

Can somebody recommend a good, reliable moving company to pack and move from one apartment to another?  We will move furniture and boxes.  Thank you!

started by: Val_msb · last update: 1407095304 · posted: 1383432997

Moscovites seem to read more, in metro, while waiting, etc., than I have seen in other cities.  Would you agree?

started by: Bardov · last update: 1401322953 · posted: 1400021533

Anybody is using a home security company in Moscow?  Please share the info.

started by: Kim_NE · last update: 1401227507 · posted: 1399571300

Hello all! Are you aware of the schedule of hot water yearly proficaltics in Moscow (they switch hot water off for a few days each year)? Here is Moscow site (in Russian) that provides the schedule by address: http://data.mos.ru/datasets/1401

started by: JeffP · last update: 1399571550 · posted: 1379344022

Hello everyone!  What are your views on various Moscow districts to live in?  We are planning to move and I am trying to understand what district to pick.  Thank you in advance for your hints!

started by: CN_Andrew · last update: 1393598983 · posted: 1386602742

Anybody know of grocery delivery services in Moscow?  Any of them may speak English and are not hugely expensive?

started by: Quintin_mos · last update: 1393019082 · posted: 1390928276

Hello all, What classifieds board are you using if any, if you want to sell some second hand good in Moscow?

started by: Nik05 · last update: 1387306054 · posted: 1385590680

Did you see this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6rg2yrYTSo&feature=share Make sure you do not get salted on the streets of icy Moscow!

started by: SA_Neil · last update: 1386351986 · posted: 1376263995

Looking for a place to live outside of Moscow.  Any recommendations?  What are the best destinations around the city?  Thanks!

started by: Nik05 · last update: 1380389990 · posted: 1372896423

Now searching for a place to live in Moscow.  We are a family of 4, moving in for, at least 3-4 years.  Anybody could share pros and cons for living in the city and just outside, say maximum 10km from the Ring road?  Thanks much!

started by: CN_Andrew · last update: 1379885055 · posted: 1378742600

Anobody can recommend a reliable driver with own car?  Weekdays and, possibly, weekends.  Maybe even rather weekends.  Speaking English, obviously. Thanks!

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