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Any recommendation for a reputable breeder of French bulldogs? 

started by: Mr M. H. · last update: 1438613182 · posted: 1437763483

A friend will be away on a holiday and is now looking for a reliable person to take care of her cat. Anybody wants to share contacts?

started by: Carol Jamieson · last update: 1433502760 · posted: 1432912601

Hi all. How much would it cost to have a cat spayed? Any recommendations for a vet that can do that? Thanks.

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Selling a pet carrier, IATA (?) approved, just moved from the UK to Moscow.  Size for a small dog - will respond with exact dimensions if you are interested.   Email verunchik123@aol.com or respond here.   vera andrew

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Hi, can anybody help me with better understanding pet control rules (dogs specifically) that are imposed on entering Russia?  Thanks in advance!

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Can anybody recommend a relable vet clinic in Moscow or a vet prof, please?  Thank you!

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Are there dog walkers here in Moscow?

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I have a seller that approached me whether I could help them resell their lamb livestocks. I am wondering who to sell the livestocks to. Any suggestions can help and thanks in advance? I will be verifying the seller maybe next week or so but need to also prepare if there is a market or buyer.

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Are there places in Moscow there one can leave their beloved pets for few days, due to a business trip or vacation?  Have not heard about any.  If anyones knows, please help.  Thank you in advance.

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Can anyone recommend a place to buy clothing for pets in Moscow? Thanks much!

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World Pet Day is today!  Who has little (or not so little) friends, what are your plans?

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International Dog Show "Russia 2013" in Moscow this weekend!  Looking forward to visiting!  Anybody is going? Here is the schedule, Russian/English: http://r.rkfshow.ru/#mainring_russia_2013

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Found this article in MoscowNews, will try to search for the ranking. http://bit.ly/1h0XlM9  

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