started by: AussieinMoscow · last update: 1452175768 · posted: 1452002060

Looking to join a paintball club in Moscow. Any recommendations?

started by: Lady D · last update: 1451923870 · posted: 1451313146

Does anyone know of a women's running group in Moscow?

started by: IloveRussia · last update: 1448027543 · posted: 1447855815

Recommendations for jazz clubs?

started by: Guest in Moscow · last update: 1445274341 · posted: 1444843260

Looking to start my photography and I'd like to ask what brand of camera would be best to buy.  

started by: Julie Turner · last update: 1444411833 · posted: 1444310683

 Hi anyone know of any art classes I can join? 

started by: Leone A · last update: 1443200406 · posted: 1442585531

Looking for a sportsbar that will show the Rugby Union World Cup.

started by: bythesea-983156 · last update: 1442927002 · posted: 1441816452

Any recommendationa for dance studios that offerthis?

started by: Leone A · last update: 1441211082 · posted: 1440596311

Can anyone recommend a second hand bicycle store?

started by: Keith-983145 · last update: 1441116955 · posted: 1440017785

Does anyone know a good sailing area for novices to practice?

started by: Raymond Cox · last update: 1440513435 · posted: 1438268535

Looking for an expat basketball team to join. Any recommendations?

started by: Keith-983145 · last update: 1440016023 · posted: 1438700202

Looking to join a club on ultimate frisbee; have played a little before and would like to have a go again while staying here. Any recommendations?

started by: Chris Cooper · last update: 1436457824 · posted: 1432833414

On the hunt for a good Muay Thai gym, any leads?

started by: Jason Mackie · last update: 1436457629 · posted: 1436457629

Where to go kayaking?

started by: coffeenut · last update: 1434034010 · posted: 1433429659

Recommendations for rock climbing gyms please. Planning to go with a couple of friends this weekend.

started by: Gunners77 · last update: 1433959443 · posted: 1432053400

Any idea if there are bars that shows UFC fights?

started by: greenwgoddess · last update: 1431613950 · posted: 1431005235

Hi all. Can anyone recommend a really good swimming school for both adults and kids? 

started by: Hans Solo · last update: 1430142127 · posted: 1430142127

Looking forward to the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight this Sunday. Any recommendations for a nice bar that will show this?

started by: Geordie expat · last update: 1420486576 · posted: 1418822193

Does anyone know where I could find a Jive instructor who can teach patiently a person without any experience and who is also knowledgeable in Tango?

started by: Kenga1972 · last update: 1417021598 · posted: 1409264607

Has anybody come across an english speaking football club for kids in Moscow? Would appreciate your info and recommendations!

started by: Dave Turner · last update: 1416587126 · posted: 1415616661

Does anyone know whether there are any public golf courses or clubs in Moscow?

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